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Original value "Ace of Wands" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ace of Wands - value

something new

inner spirit:

I have a new look at things and start...

Ace of Wands- a burning torch, lit up at night the way in which the traveler walks. Announces this card is about inspiration, excitement and understanding.Ace of Wands- a spark of God's character, vitality and energy. Here you can see the beginning of an enthusiastic achievements or business, it - a passionate effort that will bring growth and transformation. Rod, who holds the hand of God, alluding to self-confidence, courage, passion and courage. This card is especially beneficial in career.

The card shows the blazing fire of passion, inspire you all the colors of life and the dynamic will. It's a surprise Destiny, and you can once again discover something or see, but in a different light, and take the initiative in their hands. Own desire and lust are the two poles of Fire Wand. You also have to endure the human coldness, distrust, indifference and neglect, but also to overcome the barriers, because the power of the fire is powerless and has no power over the land.

Ace of Wands

in an upright position:

The revival and growth of creative energy. The manifestation of activity and new initiatives in business. Social activity. A new look and business ideas; new features; new social contacts. The growing excitement because of new interest. Starting a new business/work. Man overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm. It starts extraordinarily creative period in his life. A new look at things. The creative thought. Getting understanding. Jerk. Luck. Happy coincidence obstoyatelstv. Income. Legacy. The birth of a child, as a creation of love. Rise. The first step to finding a meaningful life experience. Great gifts and talents. Insight and inspiration. A rare state of mind, when you want to perform miracles. Full mastery of the situation. Exit at the world level. Strong backers. Overcoming all obstacles.

Ace of Wands in the inverted position:

Painful loneliness. There are no new initiatives in any area. Delays, pending trip cancellation plans. Depression. A small fortune. Short-term happiness. Narrow-minded. The reluctance to accept anything new. End relations at work or in social sphere. No growth. Early start. Exaggerating the abilities and talents. Delusions. Inadequate perception of reality. Loss washed away. Empty burning through life. Humiliation. Energy is not enough to overcome the obstacles. Now is not the time to conceive a child.

instructive advice cards:

Do conceived with a passionate desire to win, the belief that you are inspired by the universal creative energy. Overcome all obstacles and unfounded concerns. Discover the power of creation/creativity, which are hidden in you. In your hands, and Destiny, and the bird of happiness. Today, light a fire!