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Original value "Ace of Swords" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ace of Swords - value

The fullness sensation and perception of reality

inner spirit:

I have to break with the past and move toward a brighter future.

The Sword in the Ace pierces the air atmosphere, destroys the illusion and chaos, and points to clarify the situation, clarity of thought and the search for truth. It destroys the old thinking, to a new understanding and new ideas suspended. But new ideas and attitudes often arise only through the struggle. Man becomes wise only after going through the struggle of life.

Ace of Swords can show the beginning of the passion, the beginning of incarnation into matter. It symbolizes the seed of power that pierces era. Something is born and begins to mature. It is necessary to investigate the essence of a new sword to solve the puzzle in a different way and look for new solutions. Feel the Spirit who dwells in all.

The card gives strength to accomplish change and encourages forward. You must be willing to meet with unpleasant situations, but Treat them as an inevitable part of the life process. Do not let the temporary difficulties and complexities, cool your ardor and lay your hands - this is another lesson in life.

If you fell Ace of Swords, then you need the courage and strength will show in real environment using sharp, focused, aggressive impulses.

Ace of Swords

in an upright position:

Home solving problems and troubles. Internal and external changes. The tide of enormous energy. Old problems come to an end, but new ones appear. It is necessary to get rid of the negative thoughts. Insight and ability to think. Honesty and justice. Love and erotic passion. The rift in the family or with friends. The potential for business or to depart from life lessons. The success of the initiative. The new course in business. The birth of a new and maturation. Among the obstacles clearance begins. Test of strength and opportunities. Success through correct actions. Call, which can be overcome. The conquest by the internal force.

Ace of Swords in the inverted position:

New problems or trouble are superimposed on the old ones. Self-destruction. Dangers that we are self brings. Lack of mental perception. Self-doubt. Fear for the future. Boredom. Loss of self control. There is nothing new about the changes in life. The negative effects. Severe illness, surgery. Failure due to dishonesty. Obstacles that can not be overcome.

instructive advice cards:

Review your assumptions. Develop your own consciousness and elevates to confront contradictions. Take care of harmony of thought and action, free from unnecessary doubt and ambiguity.