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Original value "Ace of Cups" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Ace of Cups - value

passionate involvement in the creative idea

inner spirit:

I am open to the new and gratefully accept the gifts of the Gods.

Ace of Cups could signal the start of an emotional situation, new relationships, marriage or birth. He predicts love, empathy and compassion for others. Water is the matter in which the spirit works and creates form an important component of which is the adaptability. This ace advises rely on their own feelings and follow the dictates of the heart.

On the other hand,Ace of Cups could warn of warming relations, therefore, it should not ignore responsibilities. You must educate yourself spiritually and emotionally. Spread the good around him receive the blessings and bless others with kind words, generosity of heart. Rejoice in the successes of others.

Ace of Cups

in an upright position:

New Beginnings in love. Cracking the ordinary. Update feelings. New residence, happiness and pleasure. Marriage, joy, the birth of a child. Emotional recovery. Peace and harmony in life. In human life begins a new, positive and productive stage, which will bring joy. Good health. Trust intuitive instincts. The awakening of creativity and growth of spiritual perception. Good news. The perception of color in pink. There comes a glut success that still wish fulfilled all.

Ace of Cups in the inverted position:

No undertakings in love. Emotional decline, lack of emotion, psychosis. Loss or separation. Feeling exhausted. Lack of faith in themselves and in their abilities. Debauchery. Exaggeration. The rejection or disbelief the news. Stagnation. Quarrels with friends. Uncertainty. Celebrates life, leading to the collapse and loss. Instability. Infertility. Unrequited love. Hypocrisy and lies. Impermanence and betrayal.

instructive advice cards:

try to see through the eyes of your relationship of love and compassion. Use the opportunity and grab the bird of happiness. Be open to people.