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Original value "Moderation" (Tarot Cards)

Tarot Cards - Moderation - value

Moderation indicates that it is time to think about feelings and relationships. Born philosophy and made speculative conclusions come thinking about life, its lessons. Man is able to live in accordance with their modest resources. Before starting anything, you should take a reasonable solution.

inner spirit:

I renew the spiritual and physical strength and get rid of unnecessary emotions.

Angel this card stands with one foot in the water, and another - on land, pouring from one cup into another liquid.Moderation, obviously shows the mixing and harmonization, as well as connection and avoiding extremes. Here it is seen slowing down of thoughts or cases, the alloy of opposites and harmonization of spiritual and physical. This Arkan said that you will meet a man endowed with spiritual gifts, may indicate that in your life there will be changes based on lessons learned.

Another aspect of the card can be associated with the verb "golden mean" which means harmony and harmony. All actions controls the higher 'I', full of love and compassion. You have to understand that you do not rely on anyone, except on the inner teacher and mentor. Difficult changes are referenced cardDeath, will make us stronger and more adaptable, we will evaluate the adversity and be able to grow.

The connection of this card with the sign of Sagittarius speaks of the power of philosophy, morality and respect for impeccable traditions.



cardModeration directly hints at finding balance and restraint. You need to stop to succumb maximalism in the perception of life or indulge a habit to respond to all too quickly or too emotionally. To be updated mental and physical strength. Your emotions and energy combined with logic and reason. card directly hints at return and to receive, and heralds a harmonious and happy relationship.

This Arkan successfully combines creativity and judgment. In the cases of all stabilized. Self-control. Trust your inner voice. Meditation classes. Planning travel. The emergence of hope for a better life. The proximity of the human spirit to the Cosmos. Accuracy, thrift. In the struggle with life's problems you win. Patience will help to cope with any situation. There will be opportunities to gain skills and knowledge or a new hobby.

Moderation in inverted position:

The questioner is not ready to accept internal changes. Wrong approach to life and to the people, excessive emotionality, irascibility, frequent mood swings, irrational and unpredictable behavior. Indulgence, worry and anxiety. The inability to control their desire to lead to problems. Negative use of sexual energy. Tranquility will not be for some time. Stupidity. Wildness. Spiritual adultery. Selfishness. The emotional emptiness. Man considers himself unhappy. Ignoring advice that dictates your inner voice. Immersing himself. Propensity to intrigues. Excessive pursuit of success.

This card can be called an accurate measure, the correct mixture. In her constant stream of vitality needed for existence, is mixed with the elements, and the main purpose of Arkan is finding the philosopher's stone, it is - the way stoic. In the story, you can see the large card peace and unity of contrasts, as well as the opposite of consciousness, because "the left hand does not know what the right is doing." The archetype of Temperance is ancient wisdom and timeless energy update. Moderation is the expression of the inner, secret and sacred life force that renews the spirit and the soul.

On the intellectual level Temperance can be manifested as a movement toward a certain type of synthesis and fusion. This may be reflected in the fact that a person writes is talking about and how to think. On an emotional level to indicate a moderate potential for reconciliation and harmony, the possibility of creative expression. In special cases, the card provides an indication of increasing creativity. A man can not feel inspiration from one form or another, in accordance with a specific talent.

instructive advice cards:

Engage internal search, in order to see the development. Control your ego. Try to live in peace and find harmony.


Do not pour over the edge! Do not overestimate its capabilities!