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Original value "Hyeres" (Runes)

Runes - Hyeres - value


Old English - Ger German - Hyeres, gothic - Gera, Scandinavian - Ap.

Sound runes:

Rune J. element of time. Life cycle. Waiting. Annual Fleece. Harvest time. Projects in the stage of maturity. Investing effort and reward for them. Slowly but surely success. A self-fulfilling expectations. The well-being. Abundance. Prosperity. Peace of mind. Peace in the family. Exemption from problems or suffocating restrictions. Getting rid of the pain. Supports over. Noble and needy will find necessary. Understanding. Emotional stability. The peak of the career. Favorable investment. Winning the trial. Timely correction. Marriage is also advantageous from a material point of view.

The Magic:

  • To the event took place.
  • To understand what patience is always rewarded.
  • Promotes and supports changes in the periods of waiting for something that was going to happen.
  • In order to achieve tangible results from the investment of time and material resources.
  • For the exact calculation of the time.
  • To assist in court cases.

Interpretation hands,


You are a practical and moving people from childhood. You do not waste time on empty dreams. You know how to channel their energy to achieve the goal. If you achieve a high position, the entire credit goes to you. You do not want to support or fluke. You have a particular mindset and you are able to determine not only the goal, but the way to achieve it. You know how to choose the right moment for action. You make a decision calmly, after a long reflection. You aspire to stability and to build the foundation of your own well-being.


The result depends on the efforts invested. You reap what you sow. Work, and all you get.


Do not seek "all at once". You have worked hard and long fought in order to achieve your current position. Now you can reap the fruits of their labors. If you are stuck in a difficult situation, or entangled in painful ways, have lost their attraction, but now you have any strength to leave it in the past. Arrow weights back to the starting position, and you have found the lost balance. Live in the present with joy and satisfaction of a job well done.


Heavy period ends. Heal, buy expensive drugs, hire the best doctors can even go to correct health in the capital or other countries. Do not spare the time and effort. The treatment will be successful. Your health will be expensive, but you can buy it.



Inverted Rune:

The unfortunate timing. Payback. Sudden changes. Repetition. Worry about achieving the goal. Hasty work. Failure to innovation. No result. A waste of time and effort. Lack of incentives and friendly support. Laziness, weak willpower.

Yes/No to inverted runes: