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Original value "Uruz" (Runes)

Runes - Uruz - value


Old English - ur German - Uruz, gothic - Urus, Scandinavian - Ur

Sound runes:

We Fleece earth element. Rime. Rune of strength and power. The energy of a wild bull. Health. It connects the masculine and feminine. It symbolizes action. Success through struggle. Removing barriers. Getting a new form. Courage. Initiative. Perseverance. Excerpt. Individuality. Pride. Persistence. Understanding. Creativity. New responsibilities. Positive changes. Conservation. Erotic desire.

The Magic:

  • Pulls desired and something new in your life.
  • strengthens the power of the spirit, releases sexual energy and removes the restrictions.
  • In the magical healing, especially when the patient is weak. Reduces anxiety, enhances the therapeutic effect.
  • Maintains good physical health.

Interpretation hands,


It may sometimes indicate the man in any relationship, and denote strong emotions. You have a strong character and a strong-willed approach to solving the problems of life. You are a born leader. Your magnetic gaze frightens people and causes people to be built as a soldier. Are you an emotional person, blaze new trails. Not afraid of the dangers. Act more cautiously when it comes to other people's interests. Strive to be strong and dominate any situation. You must rely on the inner secret knowledge, and not abuse power.


A good psychophysical condition. Relationship give effect to both. Passionate love and the prospect of having a child.


Positive changes in business life. We must act vigorously to make efforts and show what they are capable. Whatever the new business, strong enough to cope with it.


You are putting all their energy to deal with the new situation. But your ideas are still confused. You need to find a more accurate direction.


Good health and strong immunity.



Inverted Rune:

The strength is used against himself . Improper application of energy. Weakness. Disruption of power. Missed opportunities. Lack of motivation. Obsessions. Disease. Dependence on others. Aggressiveness. Perverted sexuality. The reluctance to admit mistakes and learn from them. Excess or lack of courage, strength, once again you give birth to a dead end. You oppress people stronger. Financial offer too good to be worthy of attention. Beware of nervous strain, which is dangerous for your health. You drained of their power. Immunity falls. The body sends signals the approach of the disease. Can talk about infectious diseases or epidemics.

Yes/No to inverted runes: