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Original value "Thurisaz" (Runes)

Runes - Thurisaz - value


Ctaroangliysky - Torn or Dorn, German - Thurisaz, gothic - Tauris, Scandinavian - Tours.

Sound runes:

Soft fleece D or T elements of fire . Thorn. Rune of war and warriors. Break away from the past and start something new in life. Radical changes. Cleansing. Clearing the barriers. Gate. Awakening forces and initiatives. Targeted strength. Head. Decisiveness. Breakthrough. New old. Love at first sight. Instinct. Career opportunity. The spirit of competition. The thirst for adventure. Travel. The strong and violent emotions. Erotica.

The Magic:

  • To start something new.
  • It helps to "break" barriers and remove the obstacles and resistance. It cleared the way in a difficult situation.
  • Helps eliminate the opponent or to counter it.
  • strengthens the clarity of thought and self-esteem.
  • Dissolves negative energy and prevents bad things.
  • Protects against deception and self-deception.
  • For the active protection or defense.
  • It protects the home from intruders circle and gossip.
  • In order to practice love magic.

Interpretation hands,


Passionate and energetic, often intemperate. The pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction of their desires. The ability to carry out border - not your strongest feature. Do you crave a wonderful realization of grandiose ideas, huddled in your head. Do you know how to calculate the risk. The road to success is to go through the battlefield. The struggle sharpens your skills and gives additional strength. You can defend a just cause. Protection against external attacks those you love. Your business challenge fate. Nothing happens unexpectedly. You need to plan every move on the paper. The changes will be deserved by hard work, but be sure to come.


Do not rush. Analyse past experiences and think about the future. Is it worth it to spend a lot of effort on your partner? If you believe the fight.


Risk of severe competition. Strong protective position.


Now is not the time to make hasty decisions. We should think twice. The current period is unstable. Your mood is changing rapidly, from tantrums to stormy tide of enthusiasm. But you have the power to rule with the difficulties. You will find a new path.


Xirurgicheskoe intervention.



Inverted Rune:

Do not rush. Unpredictable situation. Danger. Not lomites the closed door. The inner evil. Weakness. Betrayal. Rivals in love and work. The lack of physical and mental protection. Apathy and depression. False. Negative feelings. Resentment. The desire for revenge. Irritability. The sharp reaction. Uncontrolled power. Difficult relations with a man who is stubborn or not agreeable, or looking for an argument. Fair-weather friends and partners.

Yes/No to inverted runes: