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Original value "Teyvaz" (Runes)

Runes - Teyvaz - value


Old English - Tyre, German - Teyvaz, gothic - Tevis Scandinavian - Tyr

Sound runes:

T Rune element of fire. Rune warrior. Courage. Wrestling. Perseverance. Honor. Justice. Law and Order. Power. Leadership. Charisma. Authority. Faithfulness. Dedication. Discipline. Willingness to self-sacrifice. Passionate love. Adventures and experiences. Winning in the court or in competitions. The success of the enterprise. Respect for facts agreements. Warriors painted it on their shields for protection.

The Magic:

  • Helps to reach the goal.
  • Helps to fight for their rights.
  • Helps not to succumb to defeatism.
  • Promotes winning competitions and trials.
  • Helps fight adversity with courage.
  • Promotes recovery.
  • The symbol of passionate love man.

Interpretation hands,


You can always get to the bullseye, and return home with an award. But do not underestimate those who come after you. If your natural abilities are not very high, you are improving their coaching willpower, self-discipline and motivation to succeed. You often exceed the expectations of those who taught you. Do not stop there. You want more. Loyal to the cause in which you believe and think is fair. You have many virtues: honesty, courage in overcoming obstacles, honesty towards opponents. Are you ready to make sacrifices for the sake of a common goal and never run away from responsibility. Do not break promises. Your mission - the warrior's way, supported his courage, strength of character and faithfulness to its ideals. In all of its activities and undertakings you show enthusiasm, passion and energy. You do not join the battle without a clear purpose, a sound strategy and a suitable weapon. Trust those who have more experience, and let them guide you. Rune indicates important man (lover) in a woman's life.


The new novel, happy and passionate. The victory over the competition.


The victory over the competition, but it will be necessary for her to be beaten, to apply force. None of your personal and very active, with a touch of aggression, participation, the company can not "swim". You have to solve many important issues only in person and only at the highest level.


You are fighting for an important purpose, which brings a high romantic, professional or spiritual significance. You are honest in competition and are convinced that the best man win. Courage and the will to win will help you achieve the desired.



Inverted Rune:

Loss. Blocked energy. Weak willpower. Invalid operation. Excessive rationality. Foolish sacrifice. Injustice. Breakdown. Bankruptcy. Frustration because of the problems of friends. Your current relations based on agreement does not develop into an everlasting covenant. Cooling men. Mutual misunderstanding in the home, leading to the separation. Unnecessary aggression. Disharmony. It indicates the old or infirm man.

Yes/No to inverted runes: