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Original value "Soul" (Runes)

Runes - Soul - value


Old English - Siegel, the German - Sovullo, gothic - Soil, Scandinavian - Sol

Sound runes:

With Fleece element of fire. Spiritual energy directed at you. Sun. Clarity. Power of will. The victory over adversity. Fulfillment of desires. Love. Heat. Power. Energy. The choice of action according to the circumstances. Healing. The life force. Creativity. The reconciliation of opposites. Integrity. Satisfaction. Maturation of important events.

The Magic:

  • Helps gain clarity of mind and ensures the success of victory.
  • Helps with self-doubt.
  • Enables you it seems impossible. Gives energy to the planned.
  • Helps find out the secrets hidden.
  • Helps to find a way to obscure the situation.
  • Helps to achieve their goals without sacrificing for others.
  • Protects while traveling.
  • It is used to treat diseases.

Interpretation hands,


You are an intelligent and calculating. You are not a man who will do anything for free. You know the value of their efforts and require appropriate remuneration. You are not afraid of criticism and do not hesitate to criticize others. You are content with what you have and share it with loved ones. You tend outward kindness, optimism and a positive mindset. You have a clear view of the world and are not afraid of the truth. While respecting the freedom of opinion and other people, you can do great things - especially in culture, literature and painting. Your goal is to master your nerves and emotions.


Do as you feel, and it will be correct.


Now you are on top of success. Do you have the energy and health. Luck smiles at you. Complete victory. Triumph over rivals. The decisive to overcome the difficulties and obstacles.



Inverted Rune:

abuse of power. Stress. The obsession with work due to proximity. Waste of money. Bad advice. Pipedream. The loss of direction. Temporary retreat, to gain strength and again to rush into battle.