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Original value "Raido" (Runes)

Runes - Raido - value


Old English - Reid, German - Raido, gothic - Ryde, Scandinavian - Reid

Sound runes:

P Rune element of fire. In a literal sense, it means a trip on a horse or in a chariot. The movement and direction. Fleece and development path. Journey, the purpose of which is clearly visible. Change the situation. Important meeting. Freedom of choice. Unexpected events. The success of the project. The reunion at the end. It helps to see things in proper perspective. Compelled to seek answers to their life questions. It protects the person on any plane of existence.

The Magic:

  • For a safe trip.
  • Eliminates inconveniences while traveling.
  • For the development of the situation.
  • Helps in resolving legal issues, to achieve fair justice.
  • In love magic used to create the path from one person to another.

Interpretation hands,


You are in a hurry as soon as possible complete with cases. You need constant change. We are ready to engage in risky activities. Risk excites you. I love to travel. This gypsy life in which nothing is immutable. "The road - it is a lifeĀ».


If you want to meet different people, make new connections. Relations can be trusted. Get good advice.


A business trip, business trip. Good time for business, important information, negotiations. Connect to the draft trusted men.


You are in a phase of change, full of plans and want to travel, look at the surroundings with new eyes. Everything is planned, already accomplished. You advance to the target. Now is the time to buy or sell a car. Rune advises travel by ground transportation.


Treatment has correct. There will recover.



Inverted Rune:

You will have to suddenly go on a trip. Maybe the sick person. The planned trip can be interrupted or canceled. The ban on her. Otherwise, an accident may happen on the road. Encounter obstacles to change, hostile environment, anxiety or fear of separation, the breakdown of talks, the revision of the plans. You are waiting for unexpected trouble. Rune warns of serious break with friends and family. Partner can take a trip - upset. Treatment of abnormal

Yes/No to inverted runes: