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Original value "Perth" (Runes)

Runes - Perth - value


Ctaroangliysky - Peoria, German - Pertro, gothic - Peytra.

Sound runes:

P Rune element of water. Phoenix - fiery rebirth from the ashes. Mirror of the Soul. Love. Mystery. Search. Dedication. Knowledge of the future. Esoteric abilities. Memories. Stomach. Womb. Birth. Home. Changes. The die. Good luck and good fortune. Hidden Treasures. Stone. Bowl. Risk. Gambling. Tension. The carefree attitude to life. Help friends.

The Magic:

  • It helps to understand the inner essence of other people and anticipate their fate.
  • Helps to overcome the past, forcing painful memories.
  • To finding lost things or partner.
  • For investments and speculation.
  • For the development of magical abilities.
  • For the mental health and healing.
  • Used in medical magic women's diseases.

Interpretation hands,


You are the king of illusion, a magician and a tightrope walker, cheating crowd his tricks. You love the limelight, and if someone is not paying attention to you, then you suffer. Romance scenes intrigue and injustice masquerading as the truth - that's where you feel like a fish in water. With your intuition, creative and diplomatic skills you will always know how to get out of difficult situations and find solutions to problems that seem insoluble. You can count on a sixth sense, allowing you to instantly assess the situation, the mood surrounding and timely action. You lead a troubled life full of dramatic experiences where there are no rules. However, the goal remains unclear, because it varies with your every move.


Sexual compatibility with your partner.


You do not know where you're going, but follow in their path. The game of life fascinate you. Are you looking for a new one. Luck smiles at you, because you have the courage to take risks. You know what you do not understand before, and learn important secrets in his professional life, and on the path of spiritual initiation.

Inverted Rune:

The event is unlikely to happen. Death is past. Loss. Doubt. Uncertainty. Himself confused. Malaise. Congestive situation. Dependence on things or people. Frustrated partner. "It is not destiny." Incorrect friends. Hidden circumstances. Achieving an unusual way. Black magic.

Yes/No to inverted runes: