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Original value "Otal" (Runes)

Runes - Otal - value


Old English - Ephel, German - Ofal, gothic - Othila.

Sound runes:

About Rune earth element. Sadness. Parting with old, outdated. Will. Win. Profit. Property. Ownership. The legacy of their ancestors. Earth. Roots. Tradition. Fireside. The division, bifurcation. The discrepancy between the paths. Accomplishment. Generosity. Procedure. Security. Stability.

The Magic:

  • In order to enter the money.
  • In order to protect the property.
  • strengthens any initiatives, enhances the sense of kinship.
  • To improve the health of the elderly.

Interpretation hands,


Fortune smiles on you. You get a lot of people and a lot of give in return. You are a generous people. Your ancestral talent, with luck, will rise to the top. You want to achieve material well-being and strengthen the family. You have a practical attitude to life. But unexpected cash receipts impose on you the responsibility.


From your partner, you can build a house and raise a family. The relationship will be harmonious, sincere friendship. In difficult times to help the elderly or old friends.


receipts. Acquisition of the company. Most cases related to the family. Financial assistance of influential people. Mutually beneficial cooperation. Rune recommends to work at home. After consulting with older, experienced people.


Your family haven, where you are protected. You are going to profit from a long-term enterprise. It can be inherited or sale of the property. Get as much as the fate meted out.


Rune advises treated at home. In the case of hospitalization recommends relatives often visit the sick.



Inverted Rune:

Rune requires flexibility. Possible financial losses. Bankruptcy. Economic problems. The dispute over the inheritance. Eviction from home. Financial difficulties. Painful experiences. Painful family environment. Children and relatives create obstacles in love. Parting with a loved one. Hereditary diseases. The risk of obesity.

Yes/No to inverted runes: