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Original value "Nauthiz" (Runes)

Runes - Nauthiz - value


Old English - Nid, German - Naudiz, gothic - Nauz Scandinavian - Noyo.

Sound runes:

H Rune earth element. Lesson life. Coercion. Passage over the abyss. Exemption from addiction. Cleansing. Painful, but a fair limit. The realized loss. Caution. It needs patience. The period of survival. Confusion. Poverty. Need. Disasters. The successful struggle with difficulties. Inevitable, but positive changes.

The Magic:

  • Protects against magical attacks.
  • Blocks aggression.
  • Helps to get rid of the burden.
  • Allows you to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.
  • For the acquisition of a loved one - in love magic.
  • In order to overcome alcohol addiction.

Interpretation in the scenario


You solve difficult problems and unravel the complex knots. All look to you for help. You have a clear mind. You do everything quickly. But you can not be called the soul of the company. The rivalry no one can stop you. You tear apart the competition and declare that they are ready to try their hand in any case. In their actions, you are guided by caution and prudence. Your advantage lies in the ability to live alone and stoic willingness to take the blows.


Unrequited love. Hard to love you, because you prefer to keep people at a distance. You are doomed to a lonely life and this is hurting you, even though you do not mind showing. You decide your destiny, and those who try to subdue you pay dearly for it.


Problems. Do not buy, do not invest. Now is not the time for self-realization in the work.


You got rid of all superficial and cut their plans, needs and costs to the necessary. To go through a difficult time, choose a more moderate way of life and distance themselves from the superficial and selfish people, supporting a really important relationship. The strategy of the resistance is the right choice. Losing you acquire.


The changes being until it is. It should be patience. The patient requires constant monitoring.



Inverted Rune:

The interior evil. Old problems. Wrong Way. Weakness. Lack of independence. Insecurity. The limit of tolerance. Extreme situations. Unsatisfied desires. Illogical and pointless resistance. Obstacles to freedom of action. The evil deed which becomes known. Marriage of convenience.

Yes/No to inverted runes: