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Original value "Mannaz" (Runes)

Runes - Mannaz - value


Ctaroangliysky - Man, the German - Mannaz, gothic - Mann, Scandinavian - Madre.

Sound runes:

M Fleece element of fire. Rune symbolizes mankind as a whole. Help others and from others. The symbol of the relationship. Self-knowledge. The creative thought. Intelligence. Quick mind. Rune of the rational mind. Positive thinking. Happy epiphany. Psychology and psychoanalysis. Ability. Self-esteem. Modesty. Honest and sincere relationship with the people. Friendship. Compassion. Memory. The ability to properly play their part. Cooperation. Help. Stand the test. Harmony in the family or in a relationship with a partner. Winning in court. Exemption from legal sanctions.

The Magic:

  • Provides justice and protection during court proceedings.
  • Helps in getting help from others.
  • Promotes memory.
  • Promotes the development of thinking skills.
  • It helps to draw attention to a point of view or an idea.

Interpretation hands,


If someone tries to stop you, it is making a big mistake. Even without raising his voice, you can put others in place. You will always have his way. You - the eternal seeker who draws the mystical side of things. You are eager to work in order to receive spiritual, rather than material reward. You had the role of a mediator. You need to focus not on their own benefit, and harmony with the environment and relations with other people. Be modest.


The favorable situation in love, family. You have finally found the right person to you.


You are doing favorite work. Collaborate with colleagues. You work hard, that would bring joy to others.


A successful period in your life. No time for a change, but the time they wish to. Are you comfortable with other people. All love and appreciate you. Be compliant. Your mind shines brightly. You know how to deal with difficulties. You will succeed in any situation and are not afraid of life.



Inverted Rune:

The Enemy Within. Domestic instability. Now for you there is no worse enemy than yourself. We must be honest with yourself. For all have to answer. We should not blame their bad luck of others. Confusion. Isolation. Loneliness. Betrayal. In business, take your time, check all. At issue in the business affects the human factor. The loss of the fundamental principles and values. You should not expect help from the neighbors. Mutual misunderstanding in marriage. False. Cheating. Interrupted treatment. Delayed recovery.

Yes/No to inverted runes: