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Original value "Caño" (Runes)

Runes - Caño - value


Old English - Kenko, German - Kenaz, gothic - Kusma Scandinavian - Kaun

Sound runes:

By Fleece fire. Birth. Home. Torch. Inner Light. Clarification. Disclosure. Inspiration. Ideas. Creativity. Constructive criticism. The motivation to move forward. Strengthening growth. The Transfiguration. Education. Knowledge. Analytical skills. Physical and inner regeneration. The ability to take life and to understand its lessons. Erotic desire.

The Magic:

  • Promotes mental clarity and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Assist in studies and research, particularly in science and math projects.
  • For the implementation of creative ideas, the embodiment of the conceived.
  • Enables complex problems.
  • In order to protect values.
  • For the treatment.

Interpretation hands,


Understand yourself. You have a lot of talent, and you know how to improve them, without any effort, conserving energy to promote their ideas. Sometimes you get to fanaticism, but often act with the best intentions. Truth and justice above all. Clarity of thought - your forte. You see things as they are. Even in the difficult position you are relying on the honesty and frankness. You always have a role model. You aspire to power and does not hide it, even if the power behind the scenes are content. Do not learn to forgive yourself and others, you will never be able to achieve something lasting. Something is going to change, or start again.


The new novel. Next to you is always someone that can take care of you, to inspire and guide, at the same time, respecting your needs and limitations.


Do what you want done. You control the situation. Jealous of the research and it may choose an academic career.


You are going through a positive phase of transformation of the individual. This may be a new love, a new job. After a difficult phase of stagnation and darkness you find your way and much to clarify for themselves. Secret becomes clear. Opening Hours.


Good health. If a person is sick, improvement. It is recommended that home care.



Inverted Rune:

Wandering in the dark. Disease. Disappointment. Defilements. The lack of control. Separation or conflict in the family. Blocking creativity. End.

Yes/No to inverted runes: