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Original value "Isa" (Runes)

Runes - Isa - value


German - Isa, gothic - Isaiah Scandinavian - Iss.

Sound runes:

Fleece and the element of water. Ice. Chill. Freezing. Obstacles. Failure to take action. Postponement. Stagnation. Stop. Fixation. Patient waiting. Focus. Composure. Save time and effort. Self-preservation. Self-sufficiency. Saving relationships, income or work. Keeping things as they are. Hold. Personal life. Detachment. The severity. A strict diet. Respect for traditions and habits. Voluntary isolation in the search for clarity. Resistance to disease.

The Magic:

  • To save the situation in the present form.
  • Freezes the situation, the severity of disease,.
  • Blocks evil intentions and destructive emotions. It cools passion, aggression.
  • In order to protect themselves. It neutralizes the effect of any destructive force directed at you. Reflects magic attacks.
  • For the punishment of the enemy and deprive him of his power.
  • Protects from bad luck and people who pose a threat.

Interpretation hands,


You have a concrete and logical mind. Do you believe in technology. You are inherent dynamism and competitive spirit. You can not stand idle. The past does not interest you, only the future gives you an incentive to work and improve. You well know how to break the ice of misunderstanding and enthrall people for a thanks to your enthusiasm. Do you have the courage, endurance and a very long life resistance. You can achieve the desired, and the struggle tempers you, but at the same time makes it more rigid and difficult manifestation of affection.


Cooling feelings to your partner. The reason for the gap may be incorrect, or it is yours. You banish insecurity, the risk of misunderstanding in a relationship with a partner and fear of real intimacy, setting the stage for a lot of novels, without any obligation.


Change is in sight. Stress, lack of motivation, or the illusion of need to take a break.


No changes foreseen. Rune recommends omissions. In your life has come a static period of solitude and waiting, full of doubt and reflection. Sometimes you have to think, without any action. The changes come in silence. Be patient and do not rush the course of events, until the situation is cleared up by itself.