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Original value "Inguz" (Runes)

Runes - Inguz - value


Old English - Ing, German - Ingvaz, gothic - Iggvis.

Sound runes:

NG or GN Fleece earth element. Fertility. The symbol of the phallus. Procreation. Regeneration. The long-awaited birth of the child. Performance. Completion. Fixed result. Friendship. Faith. Dedication. Family and blood ties. His house. Protection. The well-being. Pleasant surprises. Common sense. Internal growth. Rest. Exemption from anxiety. The freedom of movement. Premonition. Meditation. World. Serenity. Romantic love. Implementation. Buying or renting a house to live together. Work at home.

The Magic:

  • Enhances charm, charisma, influence on other people.
  • Increases male potency.
  • For fertility, pregnancy.
  • Helps to restore hope for the future.
  • Protects your home and family.
  • For the successful completion of any undertaking.
  • For the "fixation" results runic inscriptions.

Interpretation hands,


You are quiet and romantic person, perhaps a bit shy adventurous enough to jump into the raging torrent of life. Family - this is your refuge. You know for a long time to become attached to the people, and the struggle to avoid accountability in the external world. You need to develop intuition and creative talent. Love and affection is your dignity. Your feelings are strong and deep, but at the same time romantic. You are not created to live alone. Your task is to teach those who follow you (children, grandchildren and other descendants), the fundamental principles of life and spiritual values.


Strong family relationships with loyal partner, peace of mind, stability, reliability - all it attracts you more than success.


Finish what was started earlier. The fact that you are now engaged, will end happily. If you build on the work, the result is good, fixed. You will have the satisfaction of fruitful work.


After a period of intense activity you enjoy the peace needed to recuperate. Exemption from the problems of overcoming the difficult, painful obstacle changed your inner self. You have the opportunity to reflect on their behavior and learn lessons from the lived experience. You can count on genuine affection of your family members and friends. If in the past you have doubted his partner, now you have to believe in his sincerity and unwavering loyalty.


The crisis or turning point in the course of the disease.



Inverted Rune:

The spiritual crisis. Failure to previous convictions. The impossibility of action. Confusion. Excitement. Anxiety. The alienation from the family. Cooling relations. The feeling of loneliness.

Yes/No to inverted runes: