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Original value "Hagalaz" (Runes)

Runes - Hagalaz - value


Old English - Hegle, German - Hagalaz, gothic - Hagley, Scandinavian - Hagan.

Sound runes:

x fleece element of water. Rune of Destruction. Elements. Castle, "ice balls". The dual nature of the runes. From the egg life is born, and hail destroyed crops. But thanks to the magic of opposites Rune actually protects the crops. She was portrayed as a protective symbol on the facade of the German houses. Uncontrollable external forces. Unforeseen events. Required crisis. Complete rupture. The ability to withstand external shocks. Inner harmony. Cleansing. Concentration and analysis. It symbolizes that which comes from the past, present and penetrates projected for the future.

The Magic:

  • In order to protect. To protect themselves from active attacks.
  • Protects against invasion negatively charged energy.
  • Helps meet the change.

Interpretation hands,


You austere loner. You were smiling and carefree child, but the time and frustration made you touchy and unfriendly. Your life is subject to strict rules. Sometimes you fall, but always rises to his feet. Be careful and cautious. Analyze the smallest details. Live according to their ideals, even at the expense of love and joy of communication. The changes require great sacrifices. Your transformation occurs through the difficult experience of being alone.


possible breakup.


It is not necessary to start a new business.


The resulting unexpected difficulties and problems . The situation is out of control. It is a powerful force. You leave behind a heavy past and give up the old interests in order to focus on the essentials. The old must be destroyed to make way for the new.



Inverted Rune:

All around you is crumbling. The catastrophe. The loss of status and power. Cold relations. Possible difficulties. The internal crisis. Neglected diseases. Loss of energy. Bone pain. External obstacles. The ambitious project, which remain unfulfilled.

Yes/No to inverted runes: