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Original value "Gebo" (Runes)

Runes - Gebo - value


Old English - Gifu, German - Gebo, gothic - Hebe.

Sound runes:

G Rune element of air. Partnership. Gift. Sacrifice. The ability to take and give in return. Generosity. Honest interchange. Unity. World. Perfect Union. Respect for the restrictions. Contract. Commitments. Joint participation. Empathy. Invitation. Hospitality. Love. Sexual power. Abilities. Talents. Creativity.

The Magic:

  • Protects friendly exchange, business relations and contracts.
  • Helps reconciliation.
  • For the exams.
  • To increase the magical abilities.
  • The sexual magic.

Interpretation hands,


Good taste and an innate love of collecting. Willingness to share the joy of owning a beauty. Tact and patience help to establish harmonious relationships with others. The ability to choose the right gift at the right time. The desire to bring harmony in everything that surrounds it. Rising through the generosity, offering everything and expecting nothing in return.


Strong Union. Marriage. Good partnership, but it is important not to trample on the freedom of the other person, to suppress his ego, respect each other, appreciate each other and the relationship that now there is.


has reached a mutual understanding with your partner. Colleagues work together without jealousy or rivalry. Readiness to sign an agreement, a contract or a registration application for funding. Coordination with the people concerned.


The situation is balanced. In life it includes some partnerships, but the union does not have to be very close. Fleece portends a favorable outcome of any case.


Good health and strong immunity. If you had been sick - healing.



Inverted Rune:

Now the time of loneliness and misunderstanding. Everything that you do, like crumbling before our eyes. People close to you do not have assistance and moral support. Greed, addiction, too much sacrifice, inability to communicate with others, rejected the hospitality.

Yes/No to inverted runes: