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Original value "Feu" (Runes)

Runes - Feu - value


Old English - Feoh, German - Feu, gothic - Fahua Scandinavian - Fleece Fe element of fire. Performance. Trust. Good luck. Gifts. Profit. Wealth. Material possessions. Possession. Ownership. Exchange. Home. Power. Fertility. Success. Hope. Growth.

The Magic:

  • instills courage.
  • In order to attract wealth and abundance.
  • In order to protect the money and wealth.
  • For a career.
  • Helps mothers and pregnant women .

Interpretation hands,


You - a fire that burns down, quiet and reserved, but ready to erupt in the grand works and conquests. You reach your goal with the help of perseverance and willpower. You have to learn to share with their neighbors and do not envy those who are more fortunate than you. Life experience gives you the charisma and the ability to manage the situation for the benefit of you. The main purpose for you - wealth and abundance, but not for the accumulation and stability, and as a tool for interacting with the world. Your capital should move. Money and investment should bring new money to provide work and motivation of others. You can buy.


Reciprocity in love. A good relationship and they have development.


profitable and successful business. New financial opportunities. Strengthen the current communication, build new, mutually beneficial relationships. A sober look at the situation. You are standing firm on their feet.


Will power, self-esteem and good opportunities. Do you have everything you need to aim for success and to achieve it in a short time. You have the resources to launch a new project or to take an important decision that will depend on your luck tomorrow.


It is recommended that a healthy lifestyle.



Inverted Rune:

Alienation. Fail. A low opinion of yourself. Personal problems. Weakness. Greed. Disagreement. Loss of property, real estate. Financial losses. Dependence on people or things.

Yes/No to inverted runes: