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Original value "Eyvaz" (Runes)

Runes - Eyvaz - value


Old English - Eoh, German - Evaz, gothic - Aylus Scandinavian - Ivor.

Sound runes:

IE Fleece element of water. A powerful rune warrior. Inner strength. Assertiveness. Endurance. Struggle for Life. Clarity of mind. Risk. The desire to win. Out on the hunt. A shot from a bow. Achieving the goal. Longevity. Communication times. Rebirth. Changes. Soul. Denial. Reliability. Trust. The frankness of feelings and intentions. Obstacles. Resistance. Protection against adversity.

The Magic:

  • Protection from evil, evil eye, damage, dark forces.
  • In order to eliminate the enemy.
  • To win the competition.
  • In order to overcome the obstacles and finding strength to achieve the goal.
  • To strengthen the power.
  • Helps to overcome the fear of death.

Interpretation hands,


You erected a protective facade and do not allow anyone to get inside. If someone tries to pull you out of the sink, you will only further closes in itself. You with infinite patience are cultivating their plans, but they must remain secret. Your strength lies in silence. You know how to keep secrets and sow initiatives that will give the shoots in the future. You can rely on your intuition, through which you deal with the problems usually requires great sacrifice. You do not tolerate interference in your affairs, and especially in the rhythm of your life. You are destined to hard life. You are not demanding in material terms, but need space, autonomy and the opportunity to live according to their own rhythms. Follow your instincts and go against the tide.


When family members oblige you to do anything, then reach the opposite result. Now is not the best time to take hasty decisions, or to show their feelings. Desires and emotions must remain secret. Perhaps reconciliation or revival of the former passions after a long separation.


difficulties, delays in business, can have beneficial effects: an impetus in the development of the situation. It is necessary to demonstrate foresight and patience to make the right decisions and to prevent undesirable consequences. And maybe it's time to change the scope of activities. Do not get involved in dubious adventures, count your steps. Be careful.


Let's face it. It's not the best time for you. Something has been lost, and what else puts you in a difficult position. Period battles. Make the right decision. Fight for begun. The storm will pass a party. You are strong, honest and emotionally stable. You are surrounded by honest people who do not hide their feelings and intentions.


The scenario for the sick person, deteriorating. If there are positive runes, then after recovery it is necessary to change the way of life.



Inverted Rune:

The end of something real or symbolic importance. Destruction. Confusion. Weakness. Dissatisfaction. Upcoming danger. Futile resistance. Inadequate protection. Painful but inevitable transition.