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Original value "Evaz" (Runes)

Runes - Evaz - value


Evaz (Ehwaz) Old English - Uh, German - Evaz, gothic - Egeis Scandinavian - Yor

Sound runes:

element E Fleece air. Horse. The ability to control the movement. Slow progress. Sudden changes in the business and in health. This rune physical movement, physical movement or new habitats. Travel. Success. Courage. Excerpt. Faithfulness. Marriage. Union. Partnership. A close circle. Mutual exchange. The Transfiguration. Help. Good advice. Knowledge. Prompt decision.

The Magic:

  • For the occurrence of changes.
  • Helps to travel safely.
  • Accelerates any activities.
  • Hallows unions, ensures loyalty and promise.
  • to heal sicknesses.
  • Helps exams.
  • Improves mood.

Interpretation hands,


Do you like fun and thrills, appreciate beauty. Capable of deep feelings. Can you provide for the family. Do you know how to capitalize on the different situations.


There is a new love. Height sensory slow. Chance of a marriage.


Change the job. A new approach to work.


The situation is improving. The best of circumstances. Correctly set to work. Take confident decisions, and are optimistic about the future. Possible relocation and change of residence.


convalescence, but pay attention to the cardiovascular system.



Inverted Rune:

Impatience. The need for solitude and reflection. Inconvenience. Rivalry. The inability to forgive. Alienation. Disappointment in love and friendship. Complication. Painful situation. The need for change. The rift in the family or at work. Temporary stop the project. Misunderstanding. The lack of dialogue. Movement slowed. It takes time to rebuild health. If it is surrounded runami positive, its value is in the inverted position may be exactly the same as in forward.

Yes/No to inverted runes: