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Original value "Dagaz" (Runes)

Runes - Dagaz - value


Ctaroangliysky - Doug, German - Dags, gothic - Dagaz.

Sound runes:

DBoleznennaya transformation. The break with the past. Near the end of constant adversity. Awakening to life. Dawn. Day. Clarity. Insight. The desire for change. Vivacity. Evocation. Breakthrough. Starting a new business. Happiness. Security. Reliability. Confidence. The balance between opposites. Growth. Progress. Hope for renewal. Revival. Deserved success. Love. Trust. Improving vision problems. Guaranteed protection. Recovery.

The Magic:

  • Promotes spiritual development and new beginnings.
  • For the financial and career growth.
  • For the new cases taken.
  • For the selection of a partner for the calculation.
  • Helps with protracted course of the disease.

Interpretation hands,


A sharp eye and clear mind. Ready to catch those who try to deceive you. Thanks to the intuition you have a special talent for finding hidden gifts and tempting opportunities. You have the courage to stand up and start again. Your path begins in the fog, but clearer with time. The person with whom you happen to meet, will help you understand who you are and where you are going. I look forward to a happy life, free from the ghosts of the past.


Favorable changes. The person about whom you think back to your life with a different attitude towards you and with deeper feelings.


You are waiting for new, interesting and attractive offers. The financial situation will improve.


Change the situation for the better. You came out of the darkness on the difficult path. You have overcome life's difficulties and internal testing and is now ready to face the world.