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Original value "Berkana" (Runes)

Runes - Berkana - value


Old English - Beork, German - Berkana, gothic - Bayrkan Scandinavian - Byarkan.

Sound runes:

B Rune earth element. Literally means "birch". Women, Fleece parent. Rune of fertility, sexuality, motherhood and rebirth. Rune said about health, beauty, love, marriage and the birth of the child. It is connected with the mysteries of pregnancy and childbirth. Painted on clothes of women giving birth. With numerology says about a married woman. Often represents your mother or your children. Caring. Compassion. Personal development. Exemption from problems. Regeneration. Wound healing. The Transfiguration. Updates. Unexpected events. Start a love affair. The new company, which is destined to prosper. Augmentation of wealth. Desirable and safe pregnancy.

The Magic:

  • For fertility.
  • Protects women and children home. Support in the family peace and harmony.
  • Protects during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Support the development and education of children. It has a protective force for children, especially abandoned.
  • It stimulates healing.
  • Helps at birth or rebirth of ideas or projects.
  • Fleece vests creative inspiration, helps restore energy , health or fading erotic desire.

Interpretation hands,


You are a man with solid foundations. Family gave you a solid skin, protects against the blows of fate. You are strictly forbidden to despondency. You are a brilliant man, but slowly are improving their talents and reveal them only in adulthood. The changes will be slow, but profound. You love children. Do you have everything you need to create a happy family. You are able to give and receive love. Do you enjoy the company of young people. Do you share their cheerfulness and positive attitude to life. Helping others grow and mature, you become more adult. You have the gift of the healer.


Fleece improves relations with children. Often means the beginning of a love story.


Starting a new business. The project will be successful if somehow be associated with women or children. It is recommended to hire a married woman or an experienced aged. Talk to your wife. If you have a penchant for art, your time has come: you feel a surge of inspiration and ready to give birth to something important. All your plans get creative development.


Home and Family purchased for you important. Are you ready to accept a new responsibility to protect the child, your partner, or a sick person, and takes care of him. Now is a good time for conception. Rune predicts the birth, whether the birth of a child or ideas. As part of your life for something new. It can not be rushed.


Good health. If ill, it is best treated at home and it is desirable to take care of a woman. The patient's condition will improve.



Inverted Rune:

Rune says divorced women, poor mistress of the house, family problems, strife, troubles, mutual misunderstanding in communicating with a partner, without the ability to love and care for others, to bring the case to the end, loss of strength, low sexual desire, fear of pregnancy. Ideas emerge with difficulty. Inspiration no. The period of mental and spiritual emptiness. Plans fail. Something hinders your growth. Needed careful deliberation. Possible health problems during pregnancy or after birth.

Yes/No to inverted runes: