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Original value "Ansuz" (Runes)

Runes - Ansuz - value


Ctaroangliysky - AESK, German - Ansuz Scandinavian - Ass

Sound runes:

A fleece element of air. Gift. Information. Communication. Contact. Deep understanding. Clairvoyance. Signs. Message. Message. Tip guardian angel. Convincing the right words. Wisdom. Science. Knowledge. Intelligence. Exam. Interview. Inspiration.

The Magic:

  • Enhances creativity, intuition, and the gift of eloquence.
  • To make a speech convincing and magnetism.
  • Enhances mental capacity.
  • Enhances personal relationships and communication skills.
  • For the acquisition of useful knowledge.
  • For the self-confidence and good luck on exams.
  • Awakens sensuality.

Interpretation hands,


You are born to communicate and always achieves the desired through words. Sometimes you become sarcastic and aggressive. But in the quiet moments of poetic language words are your weapon of love, since one line is enough to win or break someone's heart. You have a huge intellectual potential, flexible mind and the ability to accumulate and transmit important knowledge effectively using words. Your path is never lonely. You get a lot of their relations and exchange of ideas. Your destination is related to the word and culture. You can tell a lot, but you have important secrets that you keep to yourself.


You can get support and inspiration from a life partner. You get the message, established contacts with new people.


The talks go well. Use the links. In cases there is no obstruction. Listen to the advice of an experienced person.


Important plans need to ponder in silence. Do you have good advisers. You can clearly see the real situation soberly assess them. Trust your hunches. Look for the sign and try to understand it.


Consult an expert.



Inverted Rune:

Futility. Noise and misunderstandings. Vested advice of those around you. Do not believe what you hear. Compromise. Disappointment. Misunderstanding. Vanity. Double game. The tendency to manipulate others. Gossip. A lack of understanding of the situation. Evading answers. Sarcasm.

Yes/No to inverted runes: