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Original value "Algiz" (Runes)

Runes - Algiz - value


Old English - Eolh, German - Algiz, gothic - Algs Scandinavian - Ivar

Sound runes:

G Rune element of fire. The name literally means "moose" in the sense of protection and divine aid. The strongest protection rune. It enhances the ability to anticipate danger. Reed. Rotate. Rune freedom. Defeat or expulsion of evil. Development. Security. Sure and steady success. Friendship with the gods. It symbolizes the sacred temple area, which no one can intrude without permission. The symbol of enlightenment and rebirth.

The Magic:

  • Protects against thieves and negative energy.
  • Brings luck to the house.
  • It stimulates creativity and ideas.
  • strengthens friendships.
  • strengthens the force gives magical protection.

Interpretation hands,


Y you have a lot of talent, but you need a long time to trust someone. Faced with a problem, you will always find a solution. Do you know how to adapt to circumstances. You find the trail invisible to others. The difficulties of life tempered your character and sharpened intuition, add flexibility to your thinking. Are you ready to help people and to lead them. To take the plunge, you need help from outside.


Maybe the patronage of the influential man. The emergence of new relations with the generous and cheerful person, behind which will be like a stone wall.


You may be offered a new job. Maybe you zavyazhutsya new business acquaintances, which will help in the implementation of your plans.


Around a lot of difficulties and obstacles, but you are confident and help of higher powers. Something inside of you starts to revive. Problems retreat. Evil dies.



Inverted Rune:

The need for flexibility. Rune indicates that you are deceived or misled others. Vulnerability. Cheating. Insecurity. Disease. You would think that the gods have forgotten about you. You are deprived of support and friendship are in a hostile environment under the influence of witchcraft. You wrongly accuse that you did not commit. Everywhere adversity, obstacles and traps. Limitation, prevention, unmet need for security. Loneliness, doubt and decline. Be careful. Get accustomed to the man, with whom relations were fastened only. Think about the motives of his conduct. Do not rush to accept his offer. Perhaps meetings with him should be avoided. Problems with mental health.

Yes/No to inverted runes: