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Original value "Wyvern" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Wyvern - value

LABEL ON THE card: Your secrets are safe.

Wyvern - the keeper of secrets. Also it represents a second chance, a conflict or guilt.

Symbols cards:

Wyvern (from the English. Wyvern — Wyvern; etymology goes back to Latin. vipera — the viper), Wyvern — legendary creature, a kind of dragon. In contrast to the classical heraldic dragon, having only one, a pair of rear legs, and instead of the front — membranous wings. It is characterized by a long snake-like neck and a very long, mobile tail, ending with a sting in the form of heart-shaped arrowhead or spear.
According to the medieval bestiary, Wyvern lived in Scandinavia, Greece and Ethiopia. Wyvern considered very aggressive, they allegedly used their sting to cut or stab the victim, moreover, often felt the sting of poison. Some legends associated with the appearance of wyverns plague.
Wyvern often found in alchemical iconography, which represents the primary, raw, unprocessed fabric or metal. The religious iconography can be seen in paintings depicting the struggle of St. Michael and George and the Dragon. Wyvern on the emblem embodies the ferocity.

The value of the card:

Wyvern – guard, a relative of the dragon, but a reasonable and much less aggressive. As a special mind Wyvern does not shine, then catch it just to sit on the chain to guard secrets and treasures. What you want to hide from all – safely tucked away, but if you're looking at position – It means the information is not available to you.
If the first scenario falls Wyvern card, it is necessary to reformulate the question or, or lay on the matter.
Wyvern – This aggression is the personification of emotion and lack of control. Wyvern just angry and she will go to destroy all the innocent and the guilty, and until calm. Wyvern – This meager mind and great strength about them saying "force is – I do not mind, "but there are very dangerous in their aggression.
Wyvern – This surge of irritation, people on the nerves, the one who tries to make everyone guilty to not feel guilty about himself, but nevertheless wine sits deep in man and makes him live in peace.
card represents a second chance, but only If you were able to return to live with the first chance when killed by another first – for the second it is better not to come.

Word expressed this card:

aggression, emotion, feelings of guilt, the possibility of a second chance, primitive actions, nervousness and nervousness, lack of control, lack of self-preservation instinct, the heat of passion, lack of understanding of the situation.