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Original value "Wolf" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Wolf - value

LABEL ON THE card: Beware who you trust.

Wolf – This pack, wolf – this knowledge and tireless wolf – the inability to transgress the boundaries of other inscribed.

Symbols cards:

In Russia, the wolf has been associated with the priestly class — Magi.
wolf-like creature supernatural participation in the world of gods and spirits, in folk beliefs are often endowed with the gift of vsevideniya. In Russian fairy tales, he usually appears, if not omniscient, then, at least, wise and experienced in a variety of animal matters, which often teaches not only his relatives but also other animals, and in some cases — even people.
Origin wolf in Slavic folk beliefs usually associated with evil spirits. According to one legend the wolf traits molded from clay or hewed wood, but was unable to revive him, and God himself breathed life into a wolf. In this bustling God wolf rushed to hell and grabbed him by the leg (so damn since limping).
According to another legend, the devil was jealous God, when he created Adam, and he tried to create man, but instead he turned Wolf.
also often argued that the wolf is able to travel between worlds, that is, an animal-trickster. He has traditionally been attributed to an intermediary between "this" and "the light", between humans and the gods or evil spirits, and all of the other world powers.
The Slavic peoples wolf has been associated with fertility, and in some cases it was considered a sacred animal god wealth and fertility of Veles. So-called "Veles days", occurs in winter yuletide, also called "wolf holidays».
Eventually Us Wolf fertility expanded and he became often predstavat Spirit Bread. For example, when bread waved winds in some places, they said: "the bread passes wolf", "Rye Wolf running across the field».
Wolf often acted as a positive figure. For example, in the eastern Slavs meeting with the wolf was considered a good omen. Serbs believed that the wolf brings good luck and believed he can predict the harvest.
Wolf attack on cattle farmers are sometimes viewed as a sign of future success and contentment. But the kidnapping of a wolf livestock herders are often perceived as a victim, which promises good luck to the owner. It was believed that other animals from the herd after the victim intact, the devil will protect cattle grazing during the summer and will not let any of them get lost in the thicket.
In some places, the shepherds, wanting to appease the devil, even specifically allowed in the forest on wolves one sheep or a cow from the herd.
However, the attitude of the wolf to the evil spirit was ambivalent: on the one hand, it was believed that the devil manages wolves and even eats them. In some traditions, there were representations that evil spirits sometimes fetches the wolf to human habitation, then to profit by the wolf carrion. According to other legends, even the devil himself every year drags himself one wolf in hell.
On the other hand, wolves in folk beliefs eat and destroy all the devils that they are smaller fruit. Figuratively speaking, the wolves - is not just a "scavengers" of the forest, but also the "scavengers" evil forces.

The value of the card:

Wolf – Werewolf or help? Defence or attack? First of all it is necessary to determine the value of the card on the card nearby. To understand you wait for help or represents a threat to the wolf.
Wolf – tireless predator that can a day or two to drive the victim, but to succeed. Wolf hunt animals much larger and it is worth remembering that the wolf is rarely alone. Lone Wolf – Wolf is expelled from the pack. Lone Wolf – it is the safest wolf, or is a teenager or an elderly person, driven – those who do not need a pack.
Wolf – enemy - a dangerous enemy and fight you not one, but several, if not many. Those who cross the road to the wolves – usually regret it. As a rule – Wolf creature servitude, it is in someone's submission and acts on the orders. But this order is the same as with the principles and aspirations of the Wolf – then he executes it with enthusiasm, if not the same, just to carry out qualitatively.
At loss cards wolf enemy is worth considering, as you are well aware of those around you, those whom you trust? Maybe you should not be so open and trusting so unconditionally? Be careful in your environment have a werewolf, and he came close enough to jump into one to achieve the desired result, and not the fact that this result is not your neck. But how I would not have got a wolf – his betrayal forever leave a mark on your life and the injuries you will recover more soon.
If a wolf-friend, it is a symbol of fertility, good luck, fidelity. This is a wise creature, which comes at a time when waiting for help nowhere. Wolf-one is able to hold a concealed paths and show such a way that no one knows. Wolf-one – This help ward off setbacks, the ability to get what yesterday seemed unreal and fairy tale.
But wolves are very careful in order to win their friendship you must first help the wolf. Do not be afraid to approach to risk, wolves do not like cowards. And if you are not willing to put everything at stake to get more – you should not hope that the wolf will help you. If you are not afraid of – it will be judged on merit.
Wolves always honor a promise to repay debts in full, both moral and material. At loss of the card in a friendly positions – no doubt, the wolf will treat your problem as their own and will not spare anything to help you and will not leave alone to deal with the difficulties encountered.

Word expressed this card:

fidelity, order, will older, partnership, amulet, strength, brotherhood, team, one, power, submission, prosecution, execution of the order, showing courage, selflessness, unity of souls, loyalty to the team, and a couple of principles, values ​​friendship and relationships hidden opportunities conductor who leads.