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Original value "Winds of Change" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Winds of Change - value

LABEL ON THE card: your surroundings undergo a change.

Are coming changes. The circumstances or the fate of the whole will be changed. You must decide to change direction now or continue down the same path. New prospects and potential new challenges are on the horizon. Be prepared - to adapt.

Symbols cards:

Wind — a symbol of "living spirit" which bestows life and animate us all.

Value Card:

card indicates the changing circumstances. Wind of change – This is a significant change. And it is not clear for the better or worse it. Simply change. If you find yourself in a wave put a windmill – you can dramatically change your life and the circumstances. If you do not see for themselves this opportunity – then look for shelter, hiding, and then, when the storm is over will think what to do in the new situation. Meanwhile – look for a safe shelter.

Word expressed this card:

change awareness, the rejection of the old, it is impossible to live as before, the old principles do not work, the world is changing.