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Original value "Water" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Water - value

LABEL ON THE card: Emotions at the peak.

is an element changes and emotions and is PROTECTING the forces of nature. The effects of water can be found in those who are caring and permanent, although they can be temperamental at times. Signs of the Zodiac, which are controlled by the water - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Emotions at the peak.

Symbols cards:

The card shows a sign of the element of water, and 3 are the sign of the zodiac, which belong to the element of water: cancer fish scorpion.

The value of the card:

water – the basis of life, life is born in the water, because the water and runs it. Water – symbol of peace, but not every smooth surface suggests that inside all is quiet and serene. Mirror – a symbol of water. But the mirror reflects the person who looks at and it does not show what is behind the mirror. Water, the liquid is brought new life with water it flows into us, with water running out of us. Water washes away the illness and problems if it treated as a related element and washes away without sparing anyone, if it see the enemy. Water – This flow is constantly in motion. If there is no water flow, it stagnates and turns into a swamp that was granted before life begins to rot and kill her. If you direct the flow in the right direction, then the water will bring what you want. But do not try to lock up water, such experiments will sooner or later end up bad. There is a dam that could hold water. Water – constant. River rarely changes its course, and if overflows, then as always, spill onto the usual places. Flexible and soft water, takes the form of the vessel in which it is poured. The card tells you to adapt to the circumstances and stronger, but the fact that water is put into different containers – it never ceases to be water. And the card can not advise you to give up their beliefs and desires. Just what is flexible and soft – to survive and develop, and that is rigidly and firmly – dies. Water - the female element, the color blue, the color of deep, deep sea, its season - autumn, when rains irrigate the land. Her side of the world - west. Magic Waters associated with mirrors, sea fog and rain.

Word expressed this card:

stealth, what you see may not be true, that there is – this is what you want to see, rather than what it actually is, softness, flexibility, reflection of emotions, the beginning of life, the flow, the movement, the influx of wealth, health, problem solving, patience, breakdown, storm, flood, pretend that nothing happened.