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Original value "Virgo" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Virgo - value

LABEL ON THE card: Starting a new relationship.


card depicts a beautiful young girl who or longingly He looks after the knight leaves, presented a red rose (the symbol of love), or expect visits from loved ones. And while she paints a picture of the future dreams and longing glances at the passing by her window.

The value of the card:

card shows a man who is subservient to the emotions. More precisely, he is now completely under the power of emotion. The voice of reason somewhere far, far away and hardly audible. Dawn, spring, youth, desire to live and breathe. the belief that this is new that there will be a light, romantic, clean, moving, in general such as in dreams. The card also shows youthful maximalism, inability to compromise and forgive. Here or sink or swim. Or because I want to or can. Adoption of emotional decisions, defies logic, whims and disputes from scratch and the exact same emotional reconciliation. The constant change of mood. card of person who likes to take care of herself and likes to surround this notice. Creativity and following fashion. Flirt game, but with very clear objectives for two.
card shows that a person does not think about the future, or rather think about it, just in pink, head in the clouds. He has the support, there are those who are responsible for such a person to protect him, provides all the necessary, and the person does not think about the earth, he is looking for inspiration, adventure, colors and emotions.

Word expressed by this card:

inspiration, dreams, romance, meeting, date, love, new relationships, candy buketny period, lightheadedness, emotions, decision-making short-term, anticipation, sunrise, spring, youth, beauty, ability to monitor a, ability to dress, fashion, easy attitude to business and everyday responsibilities, there patron and protection, the need for care.