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Original value "Unicorn" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Unicorn - value

LABEL ON THE card: good fortune and friendship.

Be sincere and pure in their thoughts and beliefs, and get the help, support and strength. When you lie – cut to the horn of the unicorn.

Symbols cards:

Unicorn — mythical creature symbolizes chastity. They represent it is usually in the form of a horse c one horn emerging from the forehead.
Important role played by the unicorn in medieval legends and fairy tales; it went to the wizards and witches; He killed every man who he came across to meet; Only a virgin could tame it, and then he does the manual, I lay on the ground and fell asleep. Generally, if they manage to catch a unicorn, then it can only hold a golden bridle.
The Russian Azbukovnik XVI — XVII centuries. Unicorn is portrayed as:
beast like a horse there, terrible and invincible, Intermedia ushiyu hath horn is great, his body medyano in horn hath all power. And vnegda persecuted, vozbegnet on height and vverzhet themselves dale without Nakosta resides. Hath not befriend yourself, 532 lives the summer. And when thou Skidan his horn vskray sea, and from the growing worm; but from beast is the unicorn. And the old beast without horns is not strong, siroteet and dies.
Unicorn — heraldic symbol of prudence, diligence, wisdom, purity, integrity, rigor, severity [1]. He is a figure similar to his horse, and it differs from the horn, which is armed with his head and beard. If the unicorn had the crown, not on the head and the neck, in the form of a collar. In the heraldic unicorn books likened brave soldier "who would rather die than live to get into the hands of the enemy." There was also a different metaphorical interpretation of the unicorn on the arms of a medieval knight, "a brave man from the enemies run like poison from the beautiful horns." This prototype of the monastic life, the desire for solitude.

Value Card:

Unicorn, in spite of its beauty and grace is not the most peaceful creatures. He is a fanatic. If someone does not share the opinion of the Unicorn or views – he will pick up on the horn all who meet him on the road. In his ruthless beliefs unicorn. There is a principle and tradition, and they have to follow. It is engaged in the unicorn. If you were able to win the favor of the Unicorn – it becomes a loyal friend who will not betray and does not let you down, even help with their lives.
Do not try to trick a unicorn or use it for personal gain – he feels lies and instead of helping you find yourself under its hooves.
card advises you to be honest and tell it like it is, to open up and then you can get help, or forgiveness, if you play up – This card would be a punishment.
Unicorn cautious, he does not show up all in a row, he advises to decide all questions quietly kluarno not wash dirty linen in public.
can not find answers or solutions – Retire, stay alone, talk to him, will be examined in itself. Unicorn – card of loneliness and detachment from material things, mercantile. Unicorn – a card of the sublime, spiritual, reasonable, and clean in thought.
Unicorn advises to think of revenge or retaliation, he advises to think about forgiveness and its own integrity.
Unicorn advises you to seek profit in the current situation, he advises do as you are told to soul, heart and your principles.

Word expressed this card:

spirit, the soul , meditation, solitude, detachment from the problems, loyalty, sincerity, infallibility, tranquility, peace and unity with nature, recreation, care, think of who to trust, look for answers within themselves, forgiveness, honesty, sincerity, confidence.