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Original value "Charmer" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Charmer - value

LABEL ON THE card: Passion and romance are waiting ahead.

charmer attracts, entices and promises. It's simple, but it just you?

Symbolism card:

beautiful, young but not naive, seductive sits and waits. Who? Do not you? Well, of course you! You're worthy of it like that! Why not worthy? That she was able to see in you what is worthy and chose showed gaze was alone...

Value Card:

card ladies, but not stiff and cold, and wise who knows the price itself, its beauty and knows how to use their beauty as a weapon. Her eyes – promise her smile – award, but it all really? Perhaps Lady promises to be able to ask? And ask for it? Gentle half-whisper is not like an order? And try to disobey. You got yourself in a network close to you and a panther. Yes, her delicate skin, her purr makes you forget about everything, but the claws has not been canceled. Lady has its own purpose and she uses her beauty to get her. Oh, she's a great actress and is easy to portray a touching dove, needs a strong protector and get it. But this is only one side of her life. It does not tolerate boredom and monotony and is not going to wait all day for the faithful embroidered on the couch. It is mobile, intelligent and appreciates adventure and rich life.
Great manipulates people, men slightly better than great, just great women. This is taking into account the fact that she was a jealous woman. On level ground will create a sense of duty, will introduce the right people and both decide to repay it, and will sincerely believe that taking them is gratitude, she provides them with kindness, and they are not it.
dreamer, that there is – It uses what is missing – create, something which is not – invent. If only it was not boring, and she shone with the conquered, and its purpose was still achieved. Intriguer to the marrow, even when it is not needed. It is necessary to something to do!

Word expressed this card:

romance, game, flirting with the consequences, gifts, hospitality, social event and society, intrigues, dates dating, beauty , glitz, glamor, double bottom, the use of people for selfish interests, payment relations, hidden mind, man is not what it seems in fact.