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Original value "Stars" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Stars - value

LABEL ON THE card: Long trip brings reward.

Stars symbolize traveling long distances. They may also indicate a possible separation or reunion. Your dream will become a reality, the trip will bring rewards.

Symbols cards:

Star - one of the most ancient human symbols, astral sign, a symbol of eternity, in the European tradition since the XVIII century - a symbol high aspirations, from the end of the same century - the emblem of happiness (the expression "born under a lucky star"). As astronomical object, star - an essential element of the sky, which is, according to mythology, the incarnation of terrestrial animals, mythological heroes or traces (such as widespread idea of ​​the Milky Way as the way of the gods; the name of the Milky Way is connected with the myth of the milk, pour the sky from the breasts of the Greek goddess Hera). In the Slavic tradition stars emerged at Pigeon book, "Reese of God"; Characters Russian epics often have hair, which scattered the stars.

Value Card:

to get the desired you've come a long way. He came to an end, and in the end – you will be rewarded. That you deserve. Star – it is wisdom, power, lamp, knowledge, abilities, skills. You know exactly for what would be this way, but only began to understand it at the end. You have a goal, the foundation, something that you are targeting, your guiding star. That star that does not stray from the path, stop the star that gives hope, promises. Star – This long-distance relationship, is something that is far away.

Word expressed this card:

distance barrier, beacon, muse, knowledge, wisdom, power, reward, the splendor, the election , detachment, beauty, wisdom, completing the path, the reward for the traversed path.