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Original value "Spirit" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Spirit - value

LABEL ON THE card: The invisible force is watching you.

Spirit - a cautious advocate. It is your influence and govern higher matter. Obvious delay may have future benefits. In everything there is a reason even if it is invisible.


Spirit — in mythology: the supernatural creature endowed with the will, the ability to perceive objects and various supernatural and capabilities, while remaining itself (almost) always inaccessible to perception. Spirits often credited with invisibility, mind, clairvoyance, the ability to fly, disappearance and appearance. Spirit, supposedly, can either does not manifest itself, or to become visible, to get in touch with the person to chat with him (verbally or mentally), arouse a man of vision, the disease becomes cause of the phenomena of nature.
Birth and the death of the spirit is not possible in the physical plane. Also, the spirit can take root in an inanimate object, a plant or animal, can become a cause of growth failure, disease, unexplained behavior, abnormal phenomena occurring with the subject of plants or animals. In some cultures, there is a perception that the spirits are implanted in man and subjugate his will (see. Article "Obsession┬╗).
In Russian the word "spirit" also means air or odor that may indicate that the spirits have the properties of air.

Value Card:

card of higher powers, that it is unclear, in secret, mysterious and ephemeral. Everything goes wrong. Even if you think that the world is falling apart – it is not so. There is no life and no death, there is a transition of one state to another, and nothing more. Everything is interconnected. Without life there is no death, no life without death. Spirit – immortal. The card indicates the need to relax and not to resist what is happening. If everything is not clear today – It will become clear after some time.
For those who work magic – is working with the spirits, an indication that the work is necessary to involve more powerful forces.
Council refer to the soul, to your inner world. Maybe it's time for a change, reappraisal. Take a break from the bustle, the time to talk to myself and hear myself. I do not what is necessary, and that it would be desirable, that asks the soul. Release all the old, do not cling to it, the past is gone, it is necessary to be treated as a fact to the witness, but do not live it. New – ahead. Nothing is permanent, everything changes, not always clear rules, but always on time.
Another card indicates that the situation is, those aspects that you missed, do not take into account not see or underestimate their influence on the situation.

Word expressed this card:

spirituality, tranquility, relaxation, need a break from the hustle and bustle, heralds a time of change, secret, funny, paranormal, spirits, other world, communicating with the other, listen to yourself, select that asks the soul, rest, interior, hidden processes.