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Original value "Spider" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Spider - value

LABEL ON THE card: Be meticulous and patient.

The twin card. On the one hand it advises to be patient and to follow through on the other – you risk yourself to be in the web.

Symbols cards:

Spider — an ancient symbol of creation, creativity and hard work. Ayurveda tradition allegorically called brahma — Creator of all things — spider who weaves a web-matter of the world. On the one hand, he acts as defender of human spider, wonderful savior, guardian of the hearth. However, it is associated with cruelty, greed, deceit. A positive value of this being reflected in the myths about spiders, teach people craft, art of weaving. According to legend, saved the spider from the enemies of David, Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad. Widespread conversion of spider webs motive in saving the thread that brings the hero of a dangerous place or helps him climb up to heaven, and then descend safely. The negative value refers to the image of a spider spider witch, a werewolf. Spider widely used in black and white magic. Amulets and charms with symbols spider keeps the wearer from interfering in his life the dark forces.
Spinner Arachne called on match itself goddess Athena, which recognized skills rival, but destroyed her creation. Arachne had committed suicide, but the goddess turned her into a spider. In this Greek myth traced motive lycanthropy man spider, peculiar to many cultures.
Dance tarantula
According to legend, in the Middle Ages to the Italian town of Taranto, a terrible disaster struck — tarantulas, wolf spiders, or simply exterminated the citizens and residents of urban neighborhoods. It was believed that the bite of this spider is a terrible disease - tarantizm quickly lead to insanity. Cure madness can only dancing rapid fast dance - tarantella. Soon the dance became an integral part of weddings in southern Italy.

Value Card:

spider spins a thread, the thread of fate, he always finishes his work, if he who is not hurt . The card, which shows that in your life what happens is what should happen, what is necessary for destiny. Spider unhurried, he knows what to do, the spider always completes his work, if he who is not hurt. card advised to follow through, to complete the process, regardless you like it or not.
Spider is not for someone not to drive, the spider spins spider web waiting for prey. Patiently, quietly. He is sure that his food will arrive, as well as the work he performed well – It is sure to get into its network and will not be able to escape.
Beware of deception, traps, look for nearby cards – you may not spider and his victim? Maybe you do not have to sit quietly and patiently until the spider ends to weave its network to terminate your outputs?
To see a spider web – you need light, the board one who can shed light on the situation. To whom would you turn to? Think right now you are playing with fate. Any sudden movement could sever the web and how to release you to freedom, and to ensnare you, denying the possibility of movement and maneuver.

Word expressed this card:

financial success, everything is going as it should on the destiny, need advice, stop and listen to the advice not to make any sudden movements, thoroughness in the case, the error is necessary eliminate, calm and self-control, wait and see attitude, intelligent, logical, multi-step, cheating, lying, closed roads due to incorrect decision.