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Original value "Sphinx" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Sphinx - value

LABEL ON THE card: Pick your words carefully.

If you are going to start the way – first think, whether you need it. The path will be difficult and on whether you know the answers to the questions will depend on whether you pass it.

Symbolism card:

Sphinx Sfinga (ancient Greek. Σφίγξ , Σφιγγός, his own. "strangler women» — the interpretation of ancient Egyptian sphinx name "shepses ankh» — «living image») — a mythical creature with the head of the woman, paws and a body of a lion, the wings of an eagle and ox tail. Winged strangler women had been sent to Thebes Hero for the crime of the Theban king Laius against Chrysippus. She lay in wait for travelers, ask them ingenious puzzles and kill all those who could not guess them. Hera send down her Thebes. Having a riddle from the Muses, Sfinga Fikeyskoy perched on the mountain and began to ask her Thebans.

The value of the card:

Sphinx only interested travelers. Why is that? Do those who are sitting at home can not guess riddles? Or those who house – they do not care about the secrets? They – measured life, quiet, some riddled with secrets, but those who embarks on a journey – They want to change lives. Sphinx acts as custodian of roads, the security guard. Podkaraulivaya human Sphinx as it asks, and whether you need this way? Can home and we will not change anything? Come..
Sphinx – this is a test of strength, the knowledge their own goals, competence, not only in his questions. Sphinx – it is wisdom, who want to understand and comprehend – he will understand, curious – learns scientist – excavated, and the one who is always in the way – decides to roll or pass the Sphinx.
card Sphinx – this test, a tough test in any way. Whether it's a relationship or the development of the company or career, or the journey itself. Sphinx – This guard, if you come across a sphinx – there were up to you, and the area is protected. To go to the protected area need to belong to a certain range. Prove that you belong to it. Or get the hell out, though home, at least for the light. If a housewife is unable to prove that it is able to govern the state – her place at the stove, and nowhere else.
card words card weight of words. Any word has weight and said it will be necessary to answer. Promised – perform. Wriggle fail. card negotiations and diplomacy. The ability to intelligently express their thoughts and to be polite. Roughness and stiffness did not help. You just eat for lunch and no puzzles.

Word expressed this card:

protection, security, confidence in the decision, the chosen way, responsible for his words, the need to fulfill promises, curiosity knowledge, negotiating tactics, diplomacy, testing on the road, the difficulties to be overcome, raising the level of knowledge and professionalism, possession of speech, the right words, a psychologist, consultant.