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Original value "Snake" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Snake - value

LABEL ON THE card: Requires cunning and subtle approach.

cycle events, death and rebirth, stealth and mystery, speed.

Symbols cards:

complex and ambiguous character. It can be male and female, as well as replicate. As the creature kills it means death and destruction; like creature periodically change the skin - the life and resurrection.

coiled serpent is identified with the cycle of events. This is the beginning of the solar and lunar, life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, preserver and destroyer, the revival of spiritual and physical. It also symbolizes the primordial instinctive nature, a surge of vitality, uncontrolled and undifferentiated, potential energy, inspiring spirit. It is an intermediary between heaven and earth, between the earth and the underworld. The snake is associated with the sky, land, water and in particular with the Cosmic Tree.

In addition, this cloud of darkness and guardian dragon treasures. Snake can symbolically represent the sun's rays, the path of the sun in the sky, lightning and water power, as an attribute of all river deities.

Snake - this knowledge, strength, cunning, subtlety, stealth, darkness, evil and damage, as well as Tempter. "It's very rock, quick as a misfortune, slowly, as a reward, incomprehensible, as fate."

The value of the card:

Snake silent, invisible and inaudible, but these qualities does not make it safe being. The snake does not attack first, it goes against the threat. But if you represent a potential danger for it – snake like lightning. It is not intended – One leap and you're done. Your strategy should be similar to the tactics of the snake: quiet, cautious and only one correct and necessary move. Snake – This wisdom, understanding the situation, following the goal, it does not mean that the goal is positive. Snake – temptation, seduction. If you ask a snake Council – then he has to follow, and not to ask other more easy ways. Snake – This sudden, something came out of nowhere, where a moment ago there was a void. Snake – This threat, if you made a wrong move, retribution will follow immediately. Join the fight only if you are confident in their abilities, if not – better to retreat. Snake – a symbol of the secret, of what is hidden. it's not like you think, look, put your trust in yourself and you will hear a rustling, feel like a snake approaching. Who knows, maybe trust in yourself will help you jump at the right moment, and the snake bit before you jump short..
Snake – it changes it brings death, but by itself – symbol of objections. If you change, dropping the old skins, otherwise it all goes. But first, you should change as the situation changes after you.

Word expressed this card:

secret hidden situation, hidden enemy, care to listen, look, and act cunningly quietly, away from direct collisions, changing themselves, rebirth, an opportunity to change, when the threat of wrong decisions.