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Original value "Siren" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Siren - value

LABEL ON THE card: The Temptation takes you.

Siren symbolizes temptation, passion for the idea, the call, the dream.


The card shows siren, mermaid, spread out his hands. She is preparing to sing, but is silent. Her mouth is closed, but her body and hair in motion another second and she sings.
Sirens — (Ancient Greek. Σειρῆνες, lat. Sirenes) — In Greek mythology, sea creatures, represents the deceptive, but the charming sea surface, beneath which hides the sharp cliffs, or shoals. Sirens miksantropichny in nature, it poluptitsy-poluzhenschina (some sources poluryba-poluzhenschina), inherited from his father a wild spontaneity, and from mother-Muse — divine voice.

Value Card:

Unlike cards Satire indicating passion carnal pleasures, Siren – this test for the spirit. Flattering, dreams, wool-gathering, the passion to obtain the desired – all this siren. She closes minds leaving only room for global WANT and drags. After falling under the sway of the siren person does not remember anything or anyone, he does not notice the danger and threats, he was going to call. A call raises in man all that was covered: he was worthy, he will want, just come, listen to me and go. Here it is a dream, you so long aspired to the desired, you just reach out and take it. The man fell under the sirens hard to stop and it can only be stopped by external forces.
This state of affect, drugs or alcohol, when the reality is not perceived. When a weak voice will not be heard when it is useless to appeal to reason. Here to help decisive and tough action: diaper and forced to take away from the source of danger, then the person wakes up.
If you do not wake up – perish ahead of rocks and cliffs, and on them – skeletons of wrecked ships and skeletons of those who believe. But one who is the voice does not believe that it is waiting for the same future. He knows that he was elected, and the other – only losers, he put what others simply do not deserve.
Siren – This unnecessary risk in pursuit of a dream, passion to the point of fanaticism.

Word expressed this card

: intoxication, enthusiasm idea, bigotry, inability to perceive reality, the hidden danger, the threat of death, flattery , wishful thinking, subject to the circumstances, to offer no resistance, a dangerous undertaking, passion, confidence in his own infallibility and chosen.