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Original value "Shield" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Shield - value

LABEL ON THE card: You are safe.

When using a shield, none of the enemy is not able to break you. Heavy armor shell hides you. Hide their emotions until they finally inspired with confidence.

Symbols cards:

The card shows the shield, which is the main figure of the eagle inscribed in a circle. Eagle in Heraldry — One of the most common stamp shapes. Among the natural shapes more common figure is only a lion.
Eagle symbolizes power, dominance, rule and foresight (public insight). In pagan antiquity Eagle served as an attribute and a symbol of a deity or monarch. For example, in ancient Greece and Rome, it was an attribute of Zeus and Jupiter, respectively, from the Persians (Cyrus), the image of the golden eagle carried at the head of the attacking forces before the motorcade or king-commander. Pharaoh Ptolemy VIII (116 — 107 years. BC. E.) Made the eagle symbol of Egypt and told to clear the image of an eagle on Egyptian coins. Roman generals had an eagle on his Rods as a sign of the primacy of the Army (that is offensive, active force). Later, when the generals became the most successful emperors the eagle was turned into an exceptional imperial sign, symbol of supreme power. Therefore, the eagle was in Roman law the official name of "Roman bird" (lat. Avis Romana). Circle – it is a constant, comprehensive protection, defense. Eagle shows the activity and aggressiveness of this protection, readiness to repel those who attack.

The value of the card:

card passivity and protection. It is time to think about the rears and protection. You should not take anything in the success and effectiveness of what you are in doubt. Your actions should be aimed at strengthening the position, to consolidate the result. In defense of that which is. This is no time to start a new time to preserve and protect the old. Do you have enough strength and opportunities to strengthen its position, to feel confident and secure in the current situation, but do not start the first attack. Do you have something to protect and error, the decision taken on emotions, can be costly. You – not to attack, but to any aggression in your address, you try to move to the occupied space run into a decent answer. Such an attempt to turn a setback for someone who is attacking. But only on the condition that you are attended to his defense before the attack. Nobody builds a fortress during the attack, the fortress should already be. Remember: if you want peace – think about the war.

Word expressed this card:

protection, security, passivity, confidence, stability, a point of view, the ability to defend your beliefs and to defend their ideas, confidence in decision-making, confidence in the future day, the ability to adequately respond to aggression, the need to think about the promotion and protection of their position.