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Original value "Seeing" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Seeing - value

LABEL ON THE card: Follow your intuition.

Symbols cards:

The card shows a girl on the background of the zodiacal circle. She is clairvoyant, medium, knows what other remains a mystery. She is confident in himself and in his knowledge. She is able to communicate with spirits and a foreign power, all that is beyond comprehension.

The value of the card:

You need to follow your intuition, your inner voice. If yznaete that doing the right thing – do not look for support from others of its decision, act. As long as you have the information that no one else – you have a significant advantage. This is the period of revelation from the subconscious pulled images and visions that make you jittery. Another value of the card that you have psychic capabilities. The time when it occurs, it is impossible to explain the inexplicable, or ceases so obvious, that it is no longer possible to ignore. The strength of the calls, she wants to be noticed and began to use it. This card suggests that things can change. You must listen to your hunches. This is the wheel of fortune in your heart, what it tells you, by the way, and should go.
card indicates hours of you now have the opportunity to learn what it used to have been a mystery. But the question – Would you like to? Knowledge – a harbinger of change, but in which direction to turn the wheel of fortune? What will this knowledge – pain or joy, frustration or happiness? Clairvoyant does not know, she just said, but how to relate to the above – up to you.
This huge rush of emotions. This prediction of weather, change of weather, climate and seasons.
You may experience inner turmoil, and prophetic dreams and premonition of changes in your life.
card indicates a possible change in the fate or conscious, but what changes, it will prompt the subsequent alignment of the card.

The words expressed the chart:

knowledge, intuition, faith, trust, commitment, information, clarification of the situation, the ability, the power, the future changes involved in the events, the ability to listen, ability to ask questions.