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Original value "Satyr" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Satyr - value

LABEL ON THE card: spree and chaos.

Satyr playful, amorous and cheerful. He – holiday, fertility and male power. Satir offers what he deals with pleasure and do not expect a platonic love or abstruse conversations.

Symbols cards:

Satire (ancient Greek. Σάτυροι, u h. Σάτυρος) — In Greek mythology, the forest deities, demons of fertility, cheerful goat-legged creatures that inhabited Greek islands. Satyr lazy and crossroads, he spends time drinking and hunting nymphs. The symbol of their inexhaustible fertility is a phallus. They snooty, lusted, amorous, headstrong, pursue nymphs and maenads (Hymn. Hom. IV 262 et seq.). Satire endowed with the qualities of the wild creatures with animal qualities, few are thinking about taboos and norms of human morality. In addition, they differed fantastic stamina in battle, and at the festive table. Great passion was passion for music, flute - one of the main attributes of satyrs. Also, attributes considered satyrs thyrsus, flute, or leather wineskins filled with wine.
card satyr or Pan shifts from foot to foot, or is, at the same time he plays the flute, inviting to him. And certainly not to discuss diet or the latest political news.

The value of the card:

card fertility, rapid growth, joy, relaxation, holiday, masquerade, lung and relationships One night. Satire go into every fight as the last and living every day as the last. Paying tribute not boredom and hardships of life, and a friendly revelry, fun game, music and beautiful girls. Some would say that so wrong to live, but satire does not impose their way of life. They call and invite – you want? You agree, no one pulls and when complete – You decide. Satire is not home and no responsibilities to anyone and they are anything but themselves do not have, they are satisfied and do not want to change anything.
Satyr not like boredom, he appreciates the fun and often what fun for satire, for man – improper condition, booze, drug use. Satyr demon, and not a man, and therefore plays by its own rules, and not to compete with the demon man, but man is weak. Man wants a holiday and stretches to satire to amuse their vices. At first a little, then a little more, and more.. and now no one understands both the good boy turned drug addict with the experience, but from the good girl – girl, which was the whole area.
But you adjust the process, you are responsible for yourself and no one to blame. You decide when it's time to say stop and finish a holiday that is acceptable to you, and what – no. And there is nothing to blame others and the environment.. and offer you all and to choose from. The decision is yours.

Word expressed this card

: party, booze, sex, orgy, orgy, a waste of money, the company, then for what is shameful, drug addiction, alcoholism, various perversions and vices, music, concert, ecstatic, collective, common traditions and violation of prohibitions, leader, lead, lead by example, to prompt.