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Original value "Raven" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Raven - value

LABEL ON THE card: Darkness looms on the horizon.

card warning. Clouds are gathering, remembering all that has been forgotten, the situation does not change in your favor.

Symbols cards:

Ravens willing scavengers, so the people associated with the death
- In ancient mythology the raven was the companion of Apollo, the constellation of the Crow is associated with the ancient Greek cult of Apollo
- Supreme god Norse mythology Odin accompanied by ravens Hugin and Munin ("thinking" and "remembering»)
- The legends crows usually arrive on places of bloodshed and vyklёvyvayut fallen soldiers eyes
- In Scandinavian myths appearance Crow — bad sign, presaging someone's death
- In the Old Testament, the ravens brought food to the prophet Elijah in the Desert (1C 17: 4), and the color of the hair of King Solomon in the song compared to the raven (Song 5:11)
- In the epic of Gilgamesh only crows, released from the ark, I was able to get to the land liberated from the water of the Flood

Value Card:

Raven – Bird-Herald. Just keep it carries unpleasant conception. Raven portends changes dusk and night. Circumstances are not in your favor. You're in a very serious and binding only to get its own will be difficult. What has been done before – not gone unnoticed, if you believed that the offenses are forgotten and forgiven – it is not so. Nothing is simpler and it is time to repay debts. All I remember, it all comes back. Black – does not mean bad, it means that we must turn to the other side of what you call the dark. Who is hiding from everyone, now it will start to dominate you.
Raven shows that you are not protected, the roads are open to you, you were careless, you are given the opportunity to darkness, evil and trouble to get close to you. But the cry of a raven sober you still have time, you can still make a difference, do it! Otherwise, the opportunity will be missed to get out and have to wait for the dawn, trying to keep yourself and what you can save. It would not have ended this night – it will change you.
Raven says that you need the advice of someone wise and strong. Ask for help and perhaps you will hear, use any chance.

Word expressed this card:

change, the threat of danger, the need for the Council must act, detrimental delays, lack of protection, the beginning of revenge, intrigue, revenge, punishment, prevention.