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Original value "Queen" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Queen - value

LABEL ON THE card: Love and abundance.

Symbols cards:

Great queen on the card shows the basic symbols of power of the pharaoh . She has:
- Crown has existed in many variants. The most commonly used double crown "pshent" consisted of a red crown of Lower Egypt "deshret" and the white crown of Upper Egypt "hedzhet." Each of the two crowns belonged as goddesses, protection to these parts of the country — respectively Wadjet, the cobra goddess and Nehbet, revered as a vulture. Images Wadjet (uraeus) and Nehbet attached to the front of the crown.
- Shawl (Nemesu) was the usual headgear in Egypt, however, vary in color depending on the social category of the wearer. King's handkerchief, judging from the pictures, was golden with blue stripes. Sometimes it is worn and the crown.
- Hook (hake) — short rod with a curved upper end. It is known from predynastic times and is probably from the pastoral baton. It was worn not only the gods and kings, but also policymakers.
- Whip or flail (neheh) is usually depicted with a rod-hook.
None Wand (UAS) — a long stick with a forked lower end and finial in the form of the head of a dog or jackal, later stylized and beard was a symbol of power and masculine forces of the king, was produced artificially and tie.
The card depicts the queen, having achieved power, which has become equal to Pharaoh, and adopted as the gods a full-fledged representative in their kingdom. In all her power to love and mercy, punish and punish, judge, and be perfect. She has power and only depends on it that will be granted to the questioner.

Value Card:

a mature, confident woman held. Not necessarily as a wife and as a mother, she was held as a woman. Unlike cards king, queen is the one that just made itself, one that could go all the way from man to God and his wife to become the successor of the gods. That which can adequately continue the dynasty and bring a worthy heir, taught him everything he knows herself. It is able to assume the role of head of the family if it decides that it would be better for the family and for her.
Wise, strong spirit of a woman. Self-confident and consistent in his actions. A woman who assert themselves in life, which became manageress of his fate, his family. A woman with a strong will and character, wise and noble. She is overbearing, it manifests its will, sometimes she has to take responsibility. However, she is generous, forgiving.
card indicates maturity, femininity, rich life experience. The card, which says that it is necessary to follow your interests and your goals, do not forget about yourself, and not just to engage in self-sacrifice and the creation of facilities for everyone. The card shows that a loving woman (no matter whom we are: children, family, husband, job, favorite cat,..) go to great lengths to ensure maximum protection and life satisfaction both themselves and their loved ones.
This the card has all the quality of tarot cards - Empress.

Word expressed this card:

woman, mother, housewife, fertility, wealth, confidence, determination, the result of the hard way support, protection, assistance, up, power, justice, forgiveness for correcting errors, the penalty if the lesson is not learned, birth, born.