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Original value "Oracle" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Oracle - value

LABEL ON THE card: the inscription on the card: Search for wisdom and guidance older.

Oracle - higher knowledge. Look for wisdom and guidance older. Consult with books, teachers or specialists. Oracle may also embody the sacrifice brought by to achieve wisdom.

Symbolism card:

The card shows Egyptian Godi, spouses Choir and Hathor. Hathor, and Hathor ("House of Horus", ie, "sky») — in the Egyptian mythology the goddess of the sky, love, femininity, beauty, fun and dancing. And the wife of Horus. Chorus — god of the sky, and the sun of royalty; the living incarnation of the ancient Egyptian king was represented by the god Horus.
They stand face-to-All-Seeing Eye - Eye of Horus (Eye of Ra, or as the Eye of Horus) — ancient Egyptian symbol, the left eye of the god Horus the falcon, who was knocked out in his fight with Seth. Right Eye of Horus symbol of the sun, and his left eye — Moon explained his injury phases of the moon. This eye, god Thoth healed, became a powerful amulet worn by many Egyptians — and the Pharaohs, and the common people. He personified the various aspects of the divine world order of the imperial power to fertility.
At the bottom of two winged cats, perhaps it sphinxes – keepers, and may goddess Bast 2 images. Bast or Bastet — in ancient Egypt the goddess of joy, fun and love, feminine beauty, fertility and the hearth, which was portrayed as a cat or a woman with a cat's head. During the early dynasties, to the domestication of the cat, she was depicted as a lioness.
Her father — Sun; mother — Hathor-moon. Nut, the goddess of heaven, — her sister and her brother — Hounsou, cast out evil spirits. Husband — Bes.
Figures guarded by two symbols of good luck – scarab and ankh cross.
Scarab — one of the most revered symbols of ancient Egypt. It was believed that the little beetle repeats the path of the sun: just as the sun travels across the sky, radiating light and warmth, creating the conditions for the revival of life in all that exists, the scarab rolls its ball of eggs from east to west, while the buds ripen and born into the world.
assume that all small animals are born from the fertile Nile silt and only scarab comes from the desert sands.
In Egyptian mythology the scarab was worshiped as a sacred insect gods of the sun and was a symbol of the creative power of the Sun, the revival afterlife.
ankh, the ankh, the Coptic cross — character, leading its origin from the most ancient times. It is known as the Egyptian hieroglyph, as well as one of the most significant symbols of the ancient Egyptians. Also known as "key of life", "the key of the Nile", "ribbon of life", "knot of life", "a cross with a loop," "Egyptian cross", "Crooks Ansat».
As character means "life." We also used the words "welfare" and "happiness" [source not specified 175 days].
Values ​​as the ankh sign of vague and controversial, but generally it is believed that it symbolized life and immortality, eternity, wisdom, is a protective sign
Ankh was called the key to energy, the key to the new birth, the key to revival.

The value of the card:

Oracle – very favorable card. An indication that a higher power to help you. You get what you want, you are close to good luck and a successful start of a new period. Now you are given tips, advice, following which you will be able to get rid of many problems, make the correct, balanced and wise decision. Your wishes will come true, the situation to which you foldout – turn in your favor. Your case will end with the maximum benefit for you. If you ask about the past – you will be able to revive what has long died back what destroyed. This card is a sign of higher forces that favor you and suggest. If you offer help – do not give up, advise – Do not dismiss. Listen to those who advises. No one advises – seek the advice themselves, those who trust and whose opinion you respect. Get tips – follow him.

Word expressed this card:

Council, luck, auspicious end, maximum benefit, the right decision, the council.