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Original value "Mystic Circle" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Mystic Circle - value

LABEL ON THE card: Your abilities will be increased.

mystical circle represents spirituality and secret beliefs. Your abilities will be increased. You have the power and protected. Focus your energy on the main goal.

Symbolism card:

card shows the Elder Futhark & ​​ndash; Scandinavian runic alphabet. Secret signs announcing the will of the gods and allow you to change the event, but who knows, not everyone. By itself Futhark & ​​ndash; It is a chain of life-changes-death in a closed circle. The circle shows that things are not forever, everything changes, and death – not an end, but a beginning. And the beginning of – up.

Value Card:

card changes. Things change here and now. With knowledge – you can count on a change for the better, without the knowledge – everything will be, as will, go with the flow. This card indicates the need to appeal to the mystery, magic, the situation began to unfold as you need.
card indicates the exchange of information. Before making a final decision – Think of all you have weighed somewhere or rely on "maybe"?
not have to choose one of two evils, there is always a third option and a secret door in the wall. And if you do not know how to find it, contact those who know. The card indicates the assistance of the.

Word expressed this card:

signs of higher powers, mystery, help, advice, information exchange, knowledge, magic appeal to knowledgeable necessary impact on the situation by forces not previously involved in a situation.