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Original value "Moon" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Moon - value

LABEL ON THE card: You are moving in the darkness.

Luna embodies the discovery and tranquility. The moon has a mysterious double character because, while it is - a heavenly beacon, it also has a hidden dark side. You are moving in the darkness.

Symbols cards:

The card shows the sickle, the remainder of the full moon. Moon in the last quarter, the moon god of Egypt 2:
Anubis (Gr.), Inpu (other. Eg.) &Mdash; the deity of ancient Egypt with the head of a jackal and the human body, the conductor of the dead to the afterlife. In the Old Kingdom is the patron cemeteries and cemeteries, one of the judges of the kingdom of the dead, the keeper of poisons and drugs. In one of the texts of the Book of the Dead, given in the Papyrus of Ani, a detailed description of the representations of the Egyptian afterlife. This text was allegedly written during the XVIII dynasty. In one of the chapters of this text is a description of the Court of Osiris, where Anubis weighed the heart of the truth on the scales. On the left side of the scale heart of the deceased was placed on the right — Feather Goddess Maat, which symbolized the truth.
Montu (mnṯw) — ancient god Ermonta city, in which there were exalted and became the capital of Egypt, Thebes, who also honored Montu, from its traditional epithet — "Lord of Thebes." In the pantheon of Thebes New Kingdom period, Montu was a member of the triad Amon, Mut, Montu and was considered the son of Amun and Mut. Initially, Montu belonged to the solar deities and are often portrayed, like Ra, the falcon-headed; but the nature of the XIX Dynasty was the god of war. In this way it acts as a patron of epic Pentewere warlike king Ramesses II in the Battle priKadeshe.
Waning moon and two gods: one – is responsible for the realm of the dead, the second – for the war.

The value of the card:

Militant card. card of discord, quarrels, dark time, the touch movement, decision-making at random, talking on emotions, revenge, hidden thoughts, secrets. Now is the time the dark forces that little – It will be terminated, that the false – becomes clear, what are you afraid of – will be released to freedom, the shadows will find the density and volume, will become tangible. The past will once again have an impact on your life, though you I thought it long ago buried and forgotten. Fear will drive you and your imagination, everything which is not – invented. Flimsy becomes a reality when on the basis of far-fetched starting to make decisions. card of the war. Any conflict would lead to a clash in which each of the parties will seek to prove the truth and his pravost regardless of the victim and requests. And if there is a war, then there is a winner, and there are losers.
Exposure to alcohol, action or decision taken by alcohol. Uncontrolled emotions and the desire to afford what has previously been banned.
Ends certain situations, the rupture of relations, search for the guilty in the situation.

Word expressed this card:

War discord, strife, conflict, victory at any cost, wrath, baseness, mystery, licentiousness, alcohol, emotions, fears, phobias, false accusations, contrived situation overestimated the importance of the situation, the vices, the passion, the desire to get unavailable at any price, lifting the ban, the gap , dot the i, found guilty, to blame others, not ourselves.