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Original value "Minstrel" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Minstrel - value

LABEL ON THE card: Let your intentions be known.

Minstrel - Poet and musician, one who goes through the cities and villages, collecting information, he tells the news composes ballads and makes fun ditties. Minstrel represents the power of words, talent, artistry and wisdom. He is able to express your thoughts and intentions to everyone, and will be heard by all.


word "troubadour", according to most historians, comes from the Occitan verb trobar, meaning "compose, invent and discover." The card shows a minstrel playing the lute. What it takes, who listens to him? What followed him play? What song is it – a beloved woman or feat of arms, the injustice, the doers close or witchcraft? Who knows.. Minstrel himself a sorcerer, he owns a magic word.

The value of the card:

Minstrels also called prisoners of roads, they could not sit long in one place. At the same time minstrels broadcast messages, those who did not take over the runners. And for that they did not need the paper, they carried messages in words, songs and poems. Minstrel is someone who has no permanent shelter, love travel and change.
Minstrel is the one who makes a secret of the clear, even minstrel is gossip and retellings, the negotiations heated discussions. Minstrel is a person who owns a virtuoso word speech, he can deceive and manipulate, to engender a grain of doubt and inspire feat. This one will think to minstrel? Just think, he sang a song and left to evaporate, and the desired word – said. And rode the knights to save the princess from the dragon strange that has not yet flown. Minstrel designation gray eminence, the one who seemingly has no power. Nice, but a little person. But it is only at first glance. Dig deeper and you will see that all is not as it seems. Castoffs – This disguise, passion and passionate lady – in every city, and there are no doors that would not open before the sweet voiced minstrel.
man who knows how to flatter, and can enchant, a person who can hurt and destroy short career information. Why is that? The answer is only in his mind, he acts on the basis of its principles and concepts. He changed the water, which has no form, and in the same way as water penetrates into all the cracks and not for his secret societies and closed the door, where he could not get there.

Word expressed this Card:

information exchange, secret became known to many, negotiations, trades, speaker, speaking, the ability to argue, charm, a double bottom in the situation, infidelity, light and short-lived relationships, message, mission, eminence grise.