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Original value "Mascot" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Mascot - value

LABEL ON THE card: You intended to ensure that excel.

Talisman - a keepsake, he has a deep meaning and gives protection in spiritual matters. Success shines on you and you are to to succeed.

Symbols cards:

talisman, amulets, talismans — magic item, the purpose of which is to protect its owner or increase the efficiency of its magical effects. It is believed that the amulet can bring good luck, to warn of the danger, and improve health. It is also believed that the amulet, bad mood on the host, can be a serious threat, as well as other people's charms. Amulet can be any object, from jewelery to a piece of stone or trimming of tree bark. However, very often in this act as precious and semiprecious stones. A common method of individual selection of stones for the strengthening or weakening of certain qualities of human nature, the establishment of energy or protection of the environmental analysis is from the standpoint of the horoscope astromineralogii.
Mascot can also be a character or animal. Sports teams and musical groups often use some characters as their simvolov- "mascotsĀ».
As talismans people can use as artifacts (ie artefacts), and natural objects (for example, roots, pieces of amber, shells, unusual stones). Some mascots are a specific hazard or situation (for example, the victory in the contest), others are designed to help in any situation (amulets, crosses). Some talismans conspiracy magician (sorcerer, witch, shaman, and so on. N.) A sanctified priest, others — not (for example, a horseshoe for good luck).
Word amulets, talismans, apotrope mascot is usually used as synonyms in many dictionaries listed as synonyms. However, some dictionaries indicate the shades of meaning:
Amulet (from the Latin. Amuletum) — a subject which, in superstitious ideas, able to protect its wearer from disaster. Besides, in dictionaries and Ozhegova Ushakov mentioned that the amulet worn on the body.
Charm — subject, having at the superstitious ideas, magical ability to protect its owner from various disasters. The dictionary is an example Ozhegova "horseshoe over the door — Ward home ", showing that not all carry a talisman. In a broad sense to include not only a talisman objects, but also, for example, the plots.
Apotrope (ancient Greek. Averts disaster) — magic item, which in ancient times attributed properties to protect people, animals, houses from evil forces. The TSB listed as examples not only wearable amulets and architectural reliefs in the form of animal snouts.
Talisman (from pozdnegrech. Telesma — initiation spell) — a subject that, for superstitious notions, brings happiness, good luck. It serves as a talisman. In Ozhegov and Ushakov also mentioned luck. These dictionaries did not mention the wearing of a mascot on the body. Thus, the mascot — more general concept: talismans can carry not only a protective function, but also bring success; Some talismans are worn on the body, while others — not (for example, the mascot can be an animal).

Value Card:

cards represent good luck, foreign aid and unexpected decision urgent problem to the questioner. Good luck, but not in all. Good luck in any one direction. For example, in finance. Amulets are usually uzkonapravlen. They do not have many features, they help in one thing: give protection, but not bringing good luck. Although the ability to recognize a false way or see the enemy – luck, too. card case. Who helped you, but always rely on luck – not worth it. Perhaps it is a respite, so you can gather strength and continue your way to choose.
card points to improve the situation at the right decision, the fact that you are moving in the direction of sulfur. Just card points to something new: the knowledge, the experience, the way destinations.
Talisman – keepsake tells you that wakes that passed by the nature of the older generation to you. In a difficult situation, they will come and help you, you just have to call and ask.

Word expressed this card:

luck, protection, assistance, good luck, a new path, protection, assistance know , seek the assistance of magic, good luck, help family and genus, support seniors and those who are stronger.