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Original value "Magician" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Magician - value

LABEL ON THE card: Use your skills to help others.

philosopher, sage adviser. The wizard - as a qualified medical practitioner, or a lawyer, and a man who knows the art and science of magic. His style – strange and frightening to many, but the results of the mystery and charm draw people to him. Use your skills to help others, and you will achieve great success.

Symbolism card:

The card shows the Wizard. First of all, pay attention on his eyes. They are without pupils. The wizard does not see his eyes, but he knows. It can not be fooled. His right hand overlaps the image of a solar eclipse. The moon completely covered the sun, the sun leaving only a golden crown around him. Since the merger of the two forces, the opening and force moment when you can dramatically change the life and destiny, and not just his own. The same golden outline as around the moon – around the entire wizard. The strength, the power of change. Seeing the truth and knowing the situation, which will send a wizard power, to whom? The ring on the finger of fate in the Wizard, and the stone in the ring corresponds to the stone atop of staff.

The value of the card:

to help others must first help themselves. To help, we must be able to understand the situation, to be able to listen, not to talk, to be able to hear and not to listen, to be able to understand, to sympathize and empathize. At the same time not allowing emotions to overwhelm yourself and carry on the shore of a sober and clear mind capable of making the right, but not an emotional decision. card quietly, slowly, of comparing the situation and assess the situation from all sides. Another card shows our internal reserves, that is within us all. If we stop and calm down, we can make the right decision and find a way out. If we are not indifferent to the world, we can understand the world by passing it through itself, as does a magician. And directing the resulting effect on the knowledge of the result we need. For those who are looking for – This card indicates the need to find a teacher. A person under this card are peculiar concentration, focus and effort is something that one. He has good skills and abilities in order to get what he wants. Such a person alien to discouragement, anger, envy and lies. He is deprived of vanity and arrogance, he is a professional who knows his business. His mind prevails over feelings. In humans, logical thinking. He is master of his fate, he dropped all useless, educate themselves.
The card shows some hidden process that is invisible or deliberately hidden. Indicates a magical work, the presence of magical abilities or magical significant component in the situation.

Word expressed this card

: magician, psychic, magical work, hidden processes, the ability to govern themselves, focus, confidence my way, hidden features, understanding the situation, mastery of the situation, the possibility of changing the situation in their favor, people with ulterior motives.